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    Google Merchant service

    jessicanz Wayfarer
      Is there anyone using the Google merchant service? I would like to know how effective it is and its reach.
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          amspcs Ranger
          Hello Jessica,

          You are referiring to Google CheckOut, which is basically Google's response to Paypal. It's not really a merchant services account, but a third party payment solution. Threre ARE differences in the two, many of them rather significant.

          It's difficult for us to answer this question since we ...
          are in the merchant servcies business; as a result people assume our response cannot be unbiased. The truth is: For small and/or start-up businesses, we have long conceded that third party
          solutions such as this do have their place in the processing world, and fill a much needed niche. Our advise has always been for start-ups to walk before they run by beginning life with a third party processor, but to view it as a start-up solution, not a permanent long term solution. And for more established buisnesses, our advsie has always been that third party solutions can and should be a PART of their payment acceptance arsenal, but not the ONLY payment means offered.

          Third part solutions,when used properly and appropriately, can often (not always) offer many advantages. The most imporant of which may include (a) no start up costs, (b) no long term contractual commitments, (c) no equipment or software to buy or lease and (d) very easy setup--basically virtually anyone with a pulse can get a Paypal or Google Checkout account, which is not the case with a regular merchant account (this is NOT necessarily a good thing). .A very good way to see if your business flys on an experimental basis without cmmitment.

          But, there are also downsides. First of which, if your business offers ONLY Paypal or Google Checkout as a payment option, you have labeled yourself as a small time mom-and-pop operation who may or may not be around in a few months should the customer need them---hardly conducive to long term business growth. Secondly, security and safety issues of third party providers are not nearly as sopisticated as they are for traditional merchant accounts. And some customers know that, and they'll chose to just walk instead of buy if they ONLY see Paypal or Google checkout. Thirdly , third party providers may have significant cash flow limitations, given they usually operate with monthly 'withdrawal' limits. And finally, for merchants who do significant volume, third party providers are generally much more costly than merchant accounts.

          So to anwer your question, whether or not Google Checkout or Paypal is a good fit for you dependsd on YOUR unique needs and requirements. There I
          IS no one size fits all payment processing solution. Hope this helps.


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            NLF123 Newbie
            If effective means your customers can successfully pay with their credit card and you receive the payment, then it's effective.

            As long as you are conducting legitimate business and abiding by the merchant service agreement, then Google checkout works just fine. As far as its reach, you're limited to the internet. What will customers be using their credit cards to pay for? That could help the folks on the forum guide you towards the next step.

            -Sean Murray
            Sure Payment Solutions