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    Macro loan

    MaggieMagee Newbie
      Anyone familiar with these type loans for business?
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          intechspecial Ranger
          If you mean a Micro Loan, yes I am somewhat familiar.

          The U.S. Small Business Administration can help you.

          Good luck in your venture!


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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Hi Maggie,

            These are often loans to poor women in undeveloped countries and USA geographical areas that help them start small businesses to support their families.

            here are a few websites:


            What is your business and how can we help you?

            Best, DomainDiva
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Be careful. Trying to get a loan with Macro Loan house. Yes, they did say there were no up front charges, but then
              after that they came back and said they needed a collateral deposit. Then they need money to transfer the money
              into a bank account. It is a scam .
              Again be careful. LUCKIEST
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Have you looking to SCORE. SCORE does NOT have funds, BUT they are a partner to Bank of America
                and provide FREE business assistance. With a proper business plan, SCORE can open doors
                at your local bank.
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                  MaggieMagee Newbie
                  Yes, I am familiar with SCORE. I have a small business loan already. I am looking at all options and opportunities.
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                      TJMorehead Adventurer
                      Hello MaggieMae,

                      Here is one of the programs I offer, called the CommunityExpress Loan especially designed for start-ups and emerging companies. There is no business plan required; no personal financial statements requested; not tax returns needed; no collateral required; no early payment penalties; no complex paper work; and no high interest rate. You only need a DBA (doing business as) certificate and a business checking account established in the name of the business.

                      Other funding programs available:

                      Government Small Business Loans up to $2,000,000
                      Equipment Lease Financing
                      Contract Financing
                      Factory Financing
                      Revolving Lines of Credit
                      Merchant Card Processing Services
                      Merchant Card Express Cash Advances
                      Business Credit Building Program
                      Credit Restoration Services

                      I'll be happy to help facilitate the appropriate funding program for you. My email is

                      Warm regards,
                      TJ Morehead
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                          victoria Newbie
                          Hello My name is Victoria Mossucco , I live in Miami Florida , I have been in the sports industry for 15 years specificaly tennis , but notice also the industry of working out and running is a big one an a profitable one too, so I decide to fly solo I open my own store with my daugther the store has been open for the last 6 months and is going well for a new business , specially counting on the slow economy . Is located in a very high traffic area and we have alot of gyms around us !!
                          When I open I was not counting on the economy to drop so fast even thougth we have sales we are behind the sales forecast and I noticed is basically because now we are running low on working capital , I am not looking for a big loan probably something like 35.000 to 50.000, those funds will be used to create more advertising and increase inventory . My current credit score is 698 .
                          Let me remind you south florida is a place where looking good is paramount , so exercising is extremely important and we have gyms everywhere , That is where my product comes in to place is basically all the appareal and accesories for man and women .Competition around me is very little .
                          I hope you will take this proposal in consideration , if you are intersted please contact me at
                          786 285 94 30 Victoria Report as inappropriate Tags: Report as inappropriate