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      First, Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am a young businessman looking for funding and a tech savvy partner to help build a brand new company. I have worked in the world of government procurement for the last year and have come to realize there is a dissconnect in world of consumer purchasing. The Government puts almost everything they need out for a formal bid process to make sure that they get the lowest price possible on products or services they need, as they are using the tax payers money. Yes consumers have superstores that have prices lower then other stores and online business keeps pricing low, however these companies are turning Billion dollar profits each year still. With the economy is such turmoil, its about time that consumers get the best deal available plain and simple. We will connect consumers directly with companies that sell the items they are looking for

      The vision of is the same theory. This will be a site where consumers can create an account, set up a posting for which ever product they are looking to purchase (from electronics, to plane tickets, to cars), and have companies submit bids to the consumer, in which the lowest bid will get the consumers business. In this economy, we know everyone wants to get the best deal possible, but it's time for business to stop making huge profits year after year and for consumers to catch a break.

      I have a vision for the company but currently lack the funding and the tech savviness to build the website so would be looking for a partner(s) to help bring this vision to life and create a company that will truly help the consumer! I have created a little site on one of the largest social networks in the world and am already getting hits back with zero advertising whatsoever!

      Any feedback or direction to go would be much appreciated and I look forward to hopefully hearing back!