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    Starting a Business

    Rob Marketing Newbie
      As I learn more about my clients and about what I want to
      offer them, the more I leanr about myself and my own business. As I sit
      here this very second I have my business plan software open and ready for me to
      get it finished!

      I have been running my business and taking on work for the past 2.5 years with
      no plan. Granted, I have done moderately well for myself, but now that I
      am well established, have a full line of products and services and a list of
      clients, I have no plan.

      A business plan is hard to write now that I am almost to busy to feed myself,
      but now I want to raise funds to expand and it is hard.

      I would say that a business plan is crucial.
      When I do get a chance to work on mine I get so excited about my
      business and what I am doing and what I plan to do. At the very least, writing your plan will act
      as a motivational tool and give you something to read over to get back on track
      if you get discouraged.

      My question is, is it ever too late to write a business

      Pier Marketing
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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          Between me and my business partner, we have been in the SME and Corporate Consulting business for 35yrs.
          I will tell you that it is NEVER too late to write a business plan, and more importantly, to revise it every year.
          Your business plan cannot stay the same, because your business is growing (if you are running it correctly).
          I have some clients that are coming to me for the first time on their 5th business plan within' 3yrs.
          That being said, sometimes it is important to get an expert opinion if you feel it isn't working.
          As far as your financing need, I would be happy to speak to you about it.
          My firm aids businesses in obtaining financing.

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              Rob Marketing Newbie
              I will take you up on the offer of advice and see if you can
              help me. I will contact you on Friday.

              I am extremely motivated and focused on my business, but as I
              started, I have no formal business training; I just figured it out as I have
              gone along. Finding people that are
              resources have been my favorite thing about learning the business world. I do however wish I would have formed my
              business in a more organized fashion!

              Rob Milburn
              Pier Marketing
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                  CorpCons08 Ranger
                  To many people, starting a business is so exciting that we forget important steps.
                  The fact that you learned it now and are making change is what makes a successful entrepreneur.
                  I look forward to speaking to you. If you want to email me your telephone number (;
                  I will give you a call on Friday.

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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Rob, It is NEVER to late to write a Business Plan. A business plan serves as an assessment tool.
                As you work your way through the plan you get to reaffirm the viability of your ideas.
                As you grow and change the plan will help keep track of the details and make sure the business is progressing.
                SCORE helps people in business FREE of charge.
                Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  It's never too late. In fact, I'd recommend that any business owner (whether they started with a good plan or not), go through the entire planning process on a regular basis (how often depends on the industry you're in). You'll discover that you're focusing on some things you shouldn't be, and overlooking some opportunities that you should be taking advantage of. On the average, my clients realize an 8 percent net increase as a direct result of updating their business plans (nobody's business ever got worse, and once client saw a 23 percent increase in a period when their industry growth was flat). Hope this helps. Best wishes.