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    Google LOCAL Search Ranking Factors - How to Rank on Top

    CatalystEmktg Newbie
      If you have been trying to get your small business
      on top of the Google LOCAL search results, reading this could greatly
      help your online exposure and lead generation or sales.

      *David Mihm just published the new Local Search Ranking Factors results
      for 2010. This is THE source for the most recent information about how to rank high in Google Local (now Google Places - up next to the Map)*

      If you don't do search optimization for a living it may be pretty long,
      boring and overly technical - but if you are trying to get your business
      on top, you either need to learn it or pay someone to optimize your
      listing for you. Getting your LOCAL listing (up on the top of the 1st
      page in Google next to the map for local searches like Insurance San
      Diego) is a totally different algorithm than getting your web site to
      rank on the 1st page of the organic rankings.
      The LOCAL listings (Google Places) are also more important IMO because
      they come up at the top of the page above the organic rankings and the
      map draws surfer's eyes to the listings in the top 7 spot next to the
      map. So without further ado...
      Local Google Search Ranking Factors 2010
      (Mods, this is not my site, but the authoriative source)

      Learn anything new? See any ranking factors that don't quite jive with
      what you are experiencing?
      LOCAL SEO is totally different than regular SEO and can be pretty confusing for small businesses. So if you have any questions about Google Local optimization, feel free to
      ask. I'm always happy to help!
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          RobClayton Wayfarer
          Good info - regardless of how they are different - if you build your site for your targeted users - having content and other information that they would 1) want to see and 2) search out - then all that other stuff will not matter - your users will find you and so will google and the others.

          Business Junkie .org

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            CatalystEmktg Newbie
            Hi Rob, you are so right - when it comes to organic ranking. However Google local is totally different.
            But I agree with you when it comes to organic - if you build your site
            for the right reasons and with great content acual people would be
            interested in, want to tell their friends about and link to, then you
            are far ahead of the game.

            *You don't even NEED a web
            site at all to get ranked in Google local. Even Mom and Pop businesses with no
            web site at all can get a top ranking in Google local. So it's not as much about
            your site, it's about trust factors Google gets from various sources.*

            Plus with Google Local you have to set up or claim your Place page and add the right data, without breaking any rules to be listed. So it's not like with Organic where the Google spiders just find your site. With Google Local the business owner has to actually take the initiative to properly set up their Places page. That's what the article I linked to is about. All the different rules and ranking factors that go into getting a top LOCAL ranking.

            Only 11% of businesses have created or claimed their Google Places page so far (according to the last stats I read.)
            So hopefully this helps some people get listed.

            Thanks for your feedback!

            Linda Buquet