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    Small Bookkeeping Business wanting to grow

    Collinsbkkp Newbie

      I am a bookkeeper trying to grow a small business. What are good ways to draw people to my website and market my service?
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          Teaspiller Wayfarer
          The best ways to draw people to your website are through link building and good SEO work. Try to get links back to your site from other sites, as well as by submitting it to various online directories. You can also optimize your site with highly searched keywords by using Google AdWords to find relevant keywords for your business. These can be added as header <h1> or <h2> or metatags to your page, which search engines will notice when indexing your site.

          Obviously, it's also important to have a site that looks professional and inviting. You can try playing around with the design of the site, and track changes using Google Analytics (you'll be able to see the abandonment rate based on various changes that you make to the site).

          Hope this helps. If you've got an accounting or tax certification or designation, you can also join our site at We're a tax and accounting marketplace with over 100 experts around the country, and we've optimized all of their profile pages for greater visibility in Google searches.


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Small Bookkeeping Business wanting to grow

            I did it 20 years ago. Then telemarketing helped. FREE also helped. Give the first month FREE
            Get know in your town. I sponsored a local little league and all the children ran around with my name on their shirts all summer long. Get involved with a local charity and contact the local newspaper about you and what you are doing for the charity.

            Lots of work, most of it with little expense and the rewards are GREAT

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              amspcs Ranger
              Referrals are by far the best source of QUALITY new business. And I stress the concept of quality.

              Chamber leads groups can be good. Also other professional organizations. Network, network, network.

              I have also found that bartering services can be a good thing. You can barter your services to other whose services or goods you can use and hopefully are in a position to refer their customers to you once they
              get to know you. We happen to be in the merchant services business and over the years have offered our services on a barter basis to lots of other professionlsf...bankers, accountants, sign companies, etc... which, over time, has turned into a lot of good business