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    succeeding in franchise business

    jessicanz Wayfarer
      Anyone with tips on how to successfully enter into and run a franchise?
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          ApparelBrand Newbie
          What kind of franchise are you interested in?
          If it was a small business run by no more that 30 employees is different than that of a mimum number of 1000 employees. Is it big? is it small? An orginization or a family run business? Each type has a different way of handeling it.

          A good advice would be to have a lawyer present at all times to go over the contract. Starting a good negotiation is the key to a perfect franchise deal. To see what serves you best, and what is fair to the franchiser as well.
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            Bridge Navigator
            The franchise disclosure shows you the success/failure rate of other franchisees in the system. Comparing these rates will let you know how well the franchisor supports the franchisee.