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    Follow your passion

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      There are many things to consider when opening a new business. Finances do doubt comes at the top. However, overlooked by many, passion is key ton success to your business. Paul Buchheit, the brains behind Gmail and Friendfeed says that Instead of setting goal, "I have a different approach. I look to see what things I enjoy doing and just try to figure out how to spend my time doing things that I enjoy."
      "I like writing code. I like building product. I like making things that people like."Buchheit for advice on launching startups because he fathered two of this decade's most successful online products: Gmail and FriendFeed. Do you have passion for your business?
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          My partner and I believe that when someone creates a business as an extension of who they are (their strengths, their experience, their passion, their financial needs / wants and their personal goals), they increase their opportunities for success significantly.


          Unfortunately, many people as you point out do leave passion out of the equation and mainly focus on the money. We created a New Business Idea Questionnaire to help people determine a strong small business idea for them based upon these factors inside the Small Biz Break Solutions Center.


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