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    gdlballoons Newbie
      I would like to know if anyone How to get a loan with a low credit score.
      I have a Wholesale Business that has taken off Better then I thought. But now that
      I am Growing faster I have problems getting a loan. If any one know of an easier way let me know.
      I am looking on getting 70000 for a 2 year loan, I can afford 3200 per month.
      Thank You
          phanio Pioneer
          Having bad credit makes this a difficult task - espeacilly if you are seeking an unsecured loan. One suggest would be to work and fix your credit. most lenders look at past behavior (you not paying other creditors) and feel that you might not pay them either. Another way is to brng in a partner that has good credit and allow him/her to apply for funding.

          There are also other non-bank resources - some that care more about your business history than you personal history - expecially if you have good cash flow - we list several on our site.

          Lastly, there are asset based working capital loans - where you can leverage the assets you already have - to get the cash you need to grow and succeed. You can factor your accounts receivables, purchase orders or credit card receipts for need cash today. Again, we list information and resources about these options on our site.

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