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    Power of Positive Thinking

    rbbrown.scent Wayfarer
      I heard a quote that really made me think "It's not what happens to you but its how you handle what happens to you that makes the difference." Yesterday my dad was very frustrated with his vendor. Normally he is a calm person, but his vendor made numerous mistakes over the last month. I sat down with him and wrote up a professional email explaining his concerns and suggesting how to fix it. This made him feel better and I believe will get a response from his sales person. The power of positive thinking is powerful. Bad things will happen to you every day but it is how you deal with those experiences that affects the outcome.

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          mobikas Adventurer
          Yes, I believed in the power of positive thinking. I read the book "The Secret" and also watched the movie of the same title. It talks about the Law of Attraction, bascially it says, like attract like, so if you are negative and keep on having negative thoughts and feelings you'll keep getting the same. The same goes for positive thinking and feelings. The idea is to 'let go', everytime when you have negative thoughts or feeling try to be consciously aware, if you are aware of your negative thoughts or feelings thats putting you down, simply let go of those negative thoughts and replace with positive thinking and feelings. This doesn't mean you have to be alert and aware of your negative thinking all the time, you will know it simply by how you feel. Feeling is a very powerful emotion, you either feel good or you feel bad and all this results whether you are thinking positive or negative.

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            monicajvis Wayfarer
            I am also agree with this positive thinking...........