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    How to market my consulting company ?

    Sandue10 Newbie
      Hi Fellas and Experts,

      I registered an IT consulting company in 2007, and at present I have a barebone website for this company. I would like to know, firstly, how can acquire human resource, secondly, how can I advertise the company so that I can bag a potential project, and kick start my company.

      Any advise is much appreciated.

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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          There are many websites that have people seeking IT outsourcing.
          Go to google and search for "it jobs."

          As far as human resource, what do you mean by this?
          Are you looking for a physical human resources outsource or are you just looking for employees?

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            10, Welcome to this website. Tell us more about you, your business and your plans for success??.
            Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan?? Do you have the FUNDS needed to get up and running??
            Where are you located and do you rent space??
            The more you share, the better our answers, LUCKIEST
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Opening a consulting firm is like the first round of betting in poker -- your eventual success depends on the cards you draw, how you play them, and how sharp your opponents are -- but you really have to start off with something you can use to build a winning hand. If the dealer gave you garbage and you stay in the game, you're depending on pure luck or on your ability to bluff. It might work once or twice, but you can't make a living at it.

              So what cards are you holding in the consulting game? What unique knowledge or skills do you have? What can you see and do that your potential clients cannot -- and that your competitors cannot? Recognizing and building on the strengths you're starting out with are the keys to attracting talent and positioning yourself within the market.

              Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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                Sandue10 Newbie

                Let me present more information about my company, the company is registered in Delaware but is being operated from a home office in California. Currently we have three members, all well experienced and skilled in the field of IT consulting. Also our focus is to create a network of consultants through out US who are willing to telecommute and believe in getting things done (covered in the business plan).

                We dont have adequate funds, and thus, we are looking for some VC involvement or member contributions for us to expand.

                I am more so looking towards some tips to get our foundation solid in terms of marketing and exposure, so that i can present my company to be different from the once all over the internet.

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                  aallc01 Wayfarer
                  Don't expect people to come to you. That will not happen until your name is out there for about three years. Build a network - register in LinkedIn. Add your connections with people in the network. This is fairly easy but time consuming. LinkedIn connects you to people who are free degrees away from you. I have a great deal of success in just two months in using this.
                  Search CIOs and It professionalsin the "search".You may know someone who knows them and can help you connect.There is also start up websites you can most definitely use your services.
                  Let me know how I can help you.
                  You want to cast the biggest net at the start to get your name out there. Good Luck!