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    Best way to market a social networking website?

    yoyoma02 Newbie
      I'm working on a new social networking website, to be launched on August 1. I'm looking for creative & effective strategies to market the website.

      Just a bit of background:
      The basic concept of the idea is to give entertainment artists (bands, comedians, authors, etc..) a tool to book their own tour throughout the country. Basically, think of LinkedIn on steroids, where bands and venues can connect to book shows.

      As I put the final touches on the website, I need develop a marketing plan. I have a budget of $500 for marketing the project. What is the best way to get venues to sign up for the website (it's free for venues, and it will cost artists $1 a month to use). Will developing a solid SEO plan to get the page ranked higher the best bet? Should I hire a PR person, to try to create some national buzz?

      Let me know if you have any ideas, thanks!
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          RobClayton Wayfarer
          With only $500 you are going to have to do a lot of the marketing your self. If your target market is bands and venues - then find other social networking sites that cater to this same market (myspace comes to mind) - and start networking there - make friends on these other sites and get the buzz talking about your site and its benefits.

          For SEO - just search the web for tips and such and find ways to do it yourself - $500 will not go far. Think great content and back links.

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            madyson2010 Newbie
            Yes,I agree with RobClayton,$500 will not go too far but it will make a good start.If you are planning to promote the site by yourself there are tons of software out there for SEO's.I know some places and great softwares for social bookmarking,rss submission,article and press release submission software and others for less than $30/each,but they are very good and from respected IM'ers.I a software geek and have mosts of the softwares that can automate my business.If you want to outsource such thing,I can help you attain your goal but ranking thru google is not magic that will happen overtime.You need to build and nurture it.In coming weeks,me and my team will offer seo service,just keep in touch if you need assistance.