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    Off site meetings using a travel agency

    stokestrip Wayfarer
      Is it better when partnering with another business to have a contract
      drawn or is a mutual understanding good enough? I own a travel agency
      and I want to gain some corporate clients that do off site meetings at
      sea, but I would like them to exclusively work with me. Would I be too
      forward in getting them to sign a contract stating that or should I just
      allow my work to speak for itself? The contract would state that they
      agree to only work with my agency for this meeting and that they have
      priority when they contact my office or send an email. They would be
      free to do business elsewhere after this meeting, but they will not be
      allowed to take my current planning ideas and give them to another
      agency nor have me do a lot of work and they take their business
      somewhere else. Should I maybe instead of a contract require a sizeable
      non refundable deposit that is applied to their reservation if they
      reserve the meeting, but pays the agency for work completed if they
      cancel? Which would your company find fair and feasible? Is anyone
      interested in doing this for their business and wants more information?