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    Help! How to promote your product?

    Imayday28 Wayfarer
      Anyone can tell me an efficient way to promote product? I've tried to email some bloggers for product review without any response till now. How to ask for reviews or post from bloggers? Any suggestion????
      Thank you.
      By the way, our product is a shopping cart , free of charge.
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          Unfortunately, there are very few things in the business world that are free. However, cash doesn't need to be the only currency.


          If you are hoping to get exposure by having various bloggers review your service on their site, what can you give them in return? Can you give them exposure? Can they use your service for a free trial period? Think about what you can offer of value to the people that you want to review your site.


          I hope this helps for a start.


          Doug Dolan


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              Imayday28 Wayfarer
              First, thanks for your answer. It is helpful to me. I just focused on what I can get from bloggers and forgtot what our product or us can give them in return.
              As a matter of fact, our shopping cart( ) is totally free, so everyone can download and try it at anytime——a free trial for all and forever. So I come up with other ideas, what if I provide textlink back to their blogs once the blogger publish our product review.
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              phanio Pioneer
              Marketing your product is not just about getting others to write about it - you first have to understand who your targeted customer is and how they get their information. 100 bloggers could write about your product but if none of your targeted customers read those blogs - it does not help your business.

              Start by understanding who your customers are and how they get information - then find ways to put the right (directed) message in front of them where they will find it.

              Is your business online only? If so - try building your own content - relevant to your target market and useful to them - and back links (DMPZ, Yahoo Directory, Business - all will help with improving your search engine rankings.

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                madyson2010 Newbie
                Try this:

                1. Social Bookmarking
                2. Directory Submission
                3. RSS Submission
                4. Video Submisssion
                5.Web 2.0
                6. Blog Commenting
                7. Forum
                8. Article Marketing
                9. Press Release
                10 Google News
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