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    Young person looking to start business.NEEDS HELP!!

    koopdaville Newbie
      Hello board.

      My name is Stefhan aka Koop and I am an aspiring musician and I have a vision of something on a larger scale.

      First and foremost, I'd like to explain that I create my own music from the house and with me being internet savvy, I've been able to book my own shows, create my own cd covers, make my own instrumentals, and create quality music that sounds as if I were in the studio.

      Secondly, I would like to create some type of orgaization for other artists who havent had the opportunity or the funds to make the quality music they would like.

      I believe I can help them alot just by giving them my same resources, but I would like to do this in a professional manner in a ay I could possible receive sponsorships.

      I have no idea of where to actually start besides creating a presentation. But I really need help organizing my foundation.

      If there is someone here who can understand my vision and will be willing to lend a helping hand, it would be greatly appreciated and well-worth your support.

      my email is
      Please give some type of feedback.

      Thank you and blessings!