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    new business startup

    sweetkake1 Newbie
      i have heard from word of mouth that many banks give money for new small business owners, i think they said you would have to start attending some of their workshops. Do any one no anything about this?
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          Wingman Adventurer
          Hi sweetkake1,

          I'm not sure who told you that bank will simply give you money because you attended some of their seminars/workshops. If there is such a bank, please let me know.

          When I approached banks for money they all wanted to see a business plan as well colateral to back up the loan. Especially now with the mortgage crisis and credit tightening, I would be surprised if the banks are not more stingy/careful with the money they lend out.

          If you haven't already done so, you really need to put togeher a detailed business plan. This will force you to evaluate whether or not your business idea can be successful by looking at each of the individual parts (eg. demographics, projected sales, expenses, etc.).

          good luck with your business
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              FCPainter Adventurer
              Wingman is probably right. Although you have to watch how banks define start-ups. some will define them as businesses that have never opened their doors, while others will define them as businesses less than 2 years old.

              A lot of times you can get a business credit card sooner than you can get a tradtional loan. Not a bad way to start building a credit history, although you'll have some personal liablility in all likelihood.

              The SBA can be helpful, and I am betting the SCORE people can too.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Tell us more about you and your business. How long have you been in bus and where??
              Banks DO NOT usually give money to new small business owners unless they have a Business and Marketing Plan
              and other security.
              Do you know about SCORE? SCORE is a partner to Bank of America and provides FREE business assistance.
              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                intechspecial Ranger
       can be a great resource for you!

                They have helped me to expand beyond belief.