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    Starting a business, but I'm stuck...

    himes5708 Newbie
      I am in the beginning stages of opening a spa. But at this point, I am a little stuck...I'm not sure what to do next to get this moving. I know the area I want to open the business. Do I start looking for a place to buy? lease? Do I get a business loan first? Where do I start?
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          If you haven't already, I recommend that you do your marketing research and develop your business plan before you start looking for a location.


          You may find that through your research (your market, your target customer base, is the market in your area growing or shrinking, the competition and how you will offer something different, etc...) and creating your plan that you will change your business idea, which in turn can influence the best location for your new salon.


          To help you with steps for starting, my partner and I have a free Small Business Start-up Checklist at Small Biz Break. The home page is below my signature. Simply go to the Register page to sign in for for your password to our Solutions Center.


          There are other forms and templates in there that you may need as well.


          If you need help after reviewing the checklist, feel free to contact us.


          I hope this helps for a start.


          All the Best,


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide (


          Small Biz Break (
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