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    Google and Keywords

    wordperfect Scout

      This sort of follows another post re changes at Google but as I am not all that au fait with GOOGLE Key words etc i can't be sure this is anything to do with any changes.


      So, a question.


      If you use ANALYTICS have you noticed any change in the number of keywords that can't be displayed over the last week or so?


      To clarify, we know that one can select "SOURCE" of visitors and then the keywords used to locate the site, but recently I seem to be getting more "Not set" than actual keywords. In fact, this last week is the first time I have actually seen the "Not set" reply on anything other than searches by GOOGLE IMAGES.


      It only applies to searches from Google: Baidu, Bing Yahoo, Ask etc all still return data.


      So, anyone else experiencing this or know anything?


      Ahhh Dennis Yu aka MONGOOSE, I have sent you a message via your web site "form"