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    Cleaner copy?

    wordperfect Scout

      Greetings, this is a subject that has been mentioned before by others and I have touched on it previously as well. I am referring to the information page, the one Luckiest is constantly and rightly so referring people to.


      Problem is that whist the rest of this site is great, it is a real pain in the you know where trying to put anything of any meaning in the "ABOUT MY BUSINESS" section.


      There is no way to control paragraphing or even sentence structure, it all comes out as one huge vomitous mass of words. No wonder people avoid it or just type a simple 5 word line.


      I have tried HTML, no luck, copying from a nicely set out WORD doc, failed, spacing in the actual programme, nope, and have to resort to a system of dots, dashes and spaces to make it look anywhere near educated English writing.


      So come on, how about it, we are all professional business people here, BOA is, I assume like minded, can't we have a decent editing or what ever package installed for setting up the info page?


      And while i am about it, what has relatively suddenly happened to the font in the posts?


      Is it me or has anyone else noticed the type setting is now extra small. I know I am getting old, but I am certain a few months ago I didn't need to reset my monitor to be able to read it. Seems no way I can adjust it in the system either.


      And no, nothing else is affected, just this site!


      Other than that, keep up the good work, I still love it here.