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    Auction Sites

    Pozzum Wayfarer
      How many auction sites run in the states?
      Is Ebay still the number one or do you have another one on the loose?

      Starting up an auction site here in New Zealand like the planet has never seen. Wondering what would be involved in starting it up in the states too.
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          visuals4u Adventurer
          I don't know the answer to your first question, but there are thousands of online auction sites - large & small. They've become so popular event the mass merchandisers, like Best Buy & Sears, etc., are participating. eBay is probably still #1 in general. However, a number of newer sites have popped up that target a specific category of merchandise. Some to consider are:
          • Amazon Marketplace
          • Overstock
          • Ubid
          • Swoopo
          • Bidz
          • eBay Giving Works
          • Bidding for Good
          • BidCactus and hundreds of others

          • La'Shon

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          • Auction Sites
            Roadkill Wayfarer

            If it's that good why have another one in the US? Just open it to the US.
            For this all you really want is to identify yourself as a NZ company but a worldwide service,
            best you run a domain and not a .net or .com, this is the best method from past experience running
            various sites over the recent years. domain names can be bought online, checkout domainz and secure one. I had to pay heaps for one of mine as it was being used by another company but was worth it in the long run. You don't want to change the domain later. So if you ran another one in the US you will need a clone of your site and hosting with maybe a .com domain, there are some cheap hosts in US that can be used from NZ with ease. I would stick to one site, trust me its a handful with 2 or 3 of the same, have done it. Whats you site going to be called and is it like Trade me and sella.

            Good luck hope that helped a bit.