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    Help needed about seo

    jimanderson Newbie
      Hi Guys,

      I want to about the different SEO techniques and which is the best?

      Thanks in advance.
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          phanio Pioneer
          Think about ways to get relevant backlinks and build relevant content on your site - as well as have a site that is designed for ease of use and to load quickly. Your content is specific to your offerings. Relevant backlinks means getting out there are finding ways to get others to link to your site. I recently found a business products and services directory that you could get an affordable backlink from - - might look into that.

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            Hi Jim,

            I'd be careful about anyone trying to sell you SEO services. I'm not saying that they're all charlatans, but even the ones that are honest, you still have to consider the ROI carefully and decide what you really want to invest in. Here are a couple articles that give you SEO in clear business terms-- none of the jargon that most firms use to confuse small business owners:


            Hope that helps.

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              SME_ally Adventurer
              there is no best way. seo is about using a combination of strategies to get you to the top of serps. it's on-site optimization, keyword research, backlinking, social media marketing, article submission, rss feeds submission or directory/search engine submission.
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                madyson2010 Newbie
                article and article submission is a great way for seo
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                  RobClayton Wayfarer

                  1) Time - it takes time
                  2) Content
                  3) Keywords
                  4) Relevant one-way back-links!

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                    Timeless2 Newbie
                    Whats Up friend I needed help with seo too. but their are so many strategies dealing with that far as google keyword idea's back linking. When U are using seo you want to send visitor or include tags that is not the root of your website I was getting help myself with this but it's best describe with the club I'm in that teaches me all about seo, and more I recommend you check out Inside you can get 24 hour support on topics like this hope this helps
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                      GlobalCITS Wayfarer
                      Good morning Jim.

                      As you can see even this free tool offered by Bank of America can be used for SEO. Many of the post offer links to websites that are selling internet services and products.

                      SEO optimization is a skilled asset that can be very advantages to obtain qualified business if you set up the proper ads and key words that apply to your products or services you have to offer.

                      One of the key things is analyzing your current website to make sure the inlink building will correlate with the SEO ads and links.

                      Having a Bio for your company and yourself that leads to the inspiration of your product and service is an important asset to show that you are qualified and a professional at what you are presenting to the public eye.

                      SEO can help you to reach many customers on an international scale if completed from a professional persepective.

                      It is important to have the proper business foundation set, proper website foundation set, and other details that will not only capture your audiences attention but keep them as a customer.

                      There are submission engines that you can simply submit you website to several search engines at one time. However it will not guarantee that the customers will want to buy your product or service if the appeal and professional feel and look is not present.

                      I suggest using a free checker like Aaron Wall's Rank Checker or Google Analytics. If you don't rank well, start developing content where it makes sense so that you attract more traffic from the long tail phrases and related searches. This will help you to determine if you have your current website aligned with the proper keywords to reach potential customers. This will also help you to see the trend and type of customers, the web pages viewed, peaks, and interest of the customers.

                      Afterwards you can re-align the keyword within your web pages and in adds and search engine submissions to ensure proper hits.

                      Of course there are many other details that will help you reach more customers, but this is a start.

                      Please feel free to contact us for additional information regarding a free analysis and consultation based on your current website.

                      We would be glad to assist you with SEO as well if desired.


                      Donna Wortham

                      Global Covenant IT Solutions, Inc.
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                          yoursavings Wayfarer
                          Yes I would stay away from people who cold call you and are selling you seo for 3k+. They then show you bogus searches to lure you in. Your better off joining a community of members that share content. You can then spin to make your content unique to your web property. No matter what business your in you can explode your web presense and create more organic leads. That is where the real money is at.

                          Check the site out at

                          There is a viral affiliate oppty attached to it also. It is SEO to the max for dummies for pennies

                          Just dont pay some bogus company ( especially based in nevada) money for nothing!
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                          Filwebmaster Wayfarer
                          I really believe in the power of SEO and am addicted to this craft. I started doing SEO for our printing websites a few months ago and in a month's time we are getting new clients to the tune of 50% than what we would normally get and it is only getting better. As for SEO services "Caveat Emptor" there are many services out there that not only scam you but also end up hurting your site's progress. No SEO company can guarantee a #1 listing.

                          There really is no cookie cutter solution to SEO but if you are diligent and resourceful it is a rewarding undertaking . As a starting point if you have a physical location i would advice you claim your listing in Google places,Yahoo local and Bing maps. Then you can ask your customers to give you a review this will not only point you in the right direction but it may fuel your enthusiasm to do more.

                          Oh and before i forget for search engines : Content is King.

                          Goodluck and I hope I was helpful.

                          Mik Pam
                          Arete Digital Imaging
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                            OptimusReagan Newbie
                            It depends on whether or not you want to hire someone, or if you want to do it on your own. On your own is a lot harder, because hired firms have more tools and people to help get your website noticed, and they know what it takes to get a website ranking. Local companies are often better, if your business is localized as well. Like this Phoenix SEO company -
                            Good luck!
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                              angellaw Wayfarer
                              Dear Jim,

                              I have my own website and do SEO work, I have a marketing partner as well who are doing their own SEO work for themselves, why give it to others.
                              What you require are:
                              Good and correct content, with is filled up with the key words relevant to your business.
                              Use your best and strongest keywords in your <h1>, <h2>, <h3>
                              Start directory submission
                              Do online postings and blog post
                              Now start link exchange which can be 1 way, 2 way, reciprocal or 3 way as well.

                              Most important choose the right keyword and work on 2 to 5 specific keywords at one time and do not jump to 1000 of relevant keyword(s).
                              Your website name and design should be relevant to your product or service, adhere to google norms, always put TERMS & CONDITIONS along with PRIVACY POLICY in your website.
                              Use minimal footer menu items.
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                                RobClayton Wayfarer
                                To comeback to this topic a bit - do know that SEO techniques are changing all the time as the methodolgy changes - just like a flowing river - what works today may not work tomorrow - thus you really have to stay on top of it.

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                                  GeraldC Newbie
                                  If you want to start an SEO jobs first you should provide as SEO manual that can help you get ideas that you can used to start jobs or online business or much better ask some tips from the expert.

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