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    Financing for expansion vs. Financing for an existing business

    RedWax Newbie
      In October of 2007 I started up a small business out of my home hosting Wine Tastings at local Hotels that would allow me to work under their Liqour License. I am also providing services as an Event Coordinator for Company & Private Events. It is my intention to have a Wine & Cheese Shop that will offer on-site wine tasting and light appetizers to pair with the Wines being tasted. I have been doing a lot of research on start-up costs, leasing spaces and location of my wine shop. I had planned on just starting small and setting goals that I will be able to reach using my own money and not applying for a loan. I am now feeling that I would really like to start preparing for the next step. I really can't go too much futher without an actual store due to the law. Recently I started looking into small businesses for sale with the same types of licensing I would need, so that maybe it would cut the costs down. I have found a small business that is for sale, and I'm interested, but still need to do plenty of research on the company. I have secured a very small start up loan from SBA, but I would like to know if it's even possible to secure financing for this business I'm thinking of buying. Am I totally out of line for even thinking about it?