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    How to make your product page more convincing?

    Adward Newbie
      I run website offering accounting software and wonder how can I make people stay on my product page because I find many visitors leave from that page. I read some articles suggesting to add more elements in product page like picutures, videos and samples. Is there any other tips?
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          amspcs Ranger
          This concerns me also, and I will be interested to read any responses to your post.

          Personally, my hunch is that simplicity and well written appropriate content are the keys. I find button, whistles, graphics and links crammed into every inch of the page to be confusing and uninviting.
          I think good design and content should concentrate on one main feature, not 'stuff' all over the place. Plus, my feeling is that videos, blinking and flashing stuff etc. give an ameteur-ish effect. Just my
          opinions, but hope it helpsl


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            khemraj Newbie
            Try to be unique
            Don't use a generic landing page
            Try increasing user engagement. Ratings/Rview/Contests/Discounts/Quiz/Survery, etc are a great way to make your product page more engagingSay thanks to your visitors. There are scripts availble which can recognize first time visitors.
            Always try to create some compelling content. there should be some committment.
            Never let your visitors click again and again to know more about your product.
            Always attach privacy policy
            Picture must be of high quality with a zoom option
            Try to provide at least 3 - 4 pictures of each product.

            I hope it would work.....

            Best of luck

            Khem Raj

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              durdana Newbie
              If the link or ad that sent the visitor has the keyword that attracted their curiosity enough to visit, then make sure that keyword is used in the copy of the landing page as well.

              You can email me at for a free review of your product page.
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                phanio Pioneer
                My suggestion is this - if you understand your targeted customers needs - then write your copy to let them know that your product can meet their needs. Put yourself in their shoes - more than likely, they are coming to your site for a specific reason, not finding what they thought they would find (easily and quickly) then leaving.

                If you understand why they come and what need they hoping to alleviate - then you can change your copy to meet that need.

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                  RobClayton Wayfarer
                  Agree with the above. Know your customers and their needs than have information on your page that let's them know how you can meet those needs.

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