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    How do I start my own clothingline?

    jojo2928 Wayfarer
      Hello everyone,

      My name is Jolyn and I am very interested in opening my own clothing line. The problem is, I don't really know how to start it. I really do need some advice from people who already have experice from this business. Here are some of the stuff I have though out...

      My plan is to open an online business that carry the cloths like Forever21 or H&M importing cloth from China. The reason that I've chosen China is because of their style, quality, and pricing. I do want to work with manufacturer in America because I am in the US, but with my budget right now, here might be to much for me. I've try this out once but it did not turn out the way that I wanted, so this time I want everything to be ready first before I give it another try. If anyone have any advice for me I'll be more than happy to read about it. Thanks in advance.

      • If anyone know any information aboout forever21 and H&M if would help me out a lot. Thanks
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How do I start my own clothingline??

          Welcome Jolyn. Go to Members page and share some info.

          To open your own clothing line, you need a business plan.

          You should also contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            YSWMak Newbie

            My name is Y.S. I'm a sourcing man from Hong Kong (South part of China). I managing supply chains, Quality assurance, compliance solutions. No matter what your destination. I can support you by reliable and cost efficient solution. From product design and development, through material and factory sourcing, production planning and management, quality assurance and export documentation. Committed to provide competitive price, impeccable quality, reliable, on-time delivery, and high standard of service.

            Using full advantage of modern technology, a dedicated links collect all key components of supply chain to provide tracking capabilities, centralize the flow of business information and provide more controls of supply chain activities. With quickly evolving consumer tastes and millions of suppliers around the world, it's no easy task to keep on top of the latest consumer trends.

            Supplier relationship management built up over 100 years. I have direct access to a huge range of new and various consumer goods. My close ties manufacturers give your business insider supplier knowledge to help you make well-informed buying decision.

            I'm looking forward to hear back from you.


            Thanks and best regards,

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              Arev01 Wayfarer
              Hi Jolyn,
              I have read a couple of your posts and I hope I can provide you with some good, clear advise on your first steps. It is very true that you need a business plan, however it sounds as if you need to be educated a bit more about the fashion industry before you even write your plan. There are 2 ways you can go about obtaining that education: 1) you can go to fashion school - either a 2 year or 4 year school would be adequate OR 2) you can get some experience in the industry. Working for a designer in their studio is always something I highly recommend because you typically get to see how the entire operation is run. New York is always a great place to go for this. You can find a ton of internships listed on and on I definitely would not recommend starting a fashion business without any experience. There is way too much you need to know and even with classroom learning, there are some things you won't learn about until you experience them for yourself. Also, experience will give you a sense of tempo for the industry, how the process works and just how to get it done!

              In the meantime, you can check out Mercedes Gonzalez on youtube. She also has some videos you can reference on the NYC Public Library website. Another incredible reference is Kathleen Fasanella's website, When you do get started you may want to change your strategy for entering the market because 50 pieces is a lot to start off with. You probably should break those out into collections and just start with one collection for your first season. Keeping up with the design to delivery process is very intense and there are so many pieces of that puzzle you will need to have in place. Also, fashion, just like every other industry, has its own lingo. When you start dealing with contractors you need to have a grasp on the terminology.

              So, my advise it to build up a good foundation first, or you could knock yourself out of the game before you get very far.

              Best to you,

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                sneakers888 Newbie
                Many people have always asked my partner and I, “How can I start my own clothing line?” There really wasn't a simple answer that we could just reply with. Despite what some may have people to believe, starting a clothing line is a special business model. Sure the normal business model of registering your business as a D.B.A. or LLC apply and opening a bank account apply but there is so much more to the formula. In this article, I will go over some of the most important points.

                The name of your clothing line is everything. Choose a name that best represents you now and where you would like to go in the future with your clothing line. The next thing or even the first thing you should do at this exact moment is get your web site name for your clothing line. Web sites names are going super fast so get your today’s for as little as $10. We recommend the service below because they are one of the cheapest on the internet when it comes to getting a domain name. Use the link below to see if your name is available. If it is, Register it now!

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                  jonn644 Newbie
                  I wish you best of luck in your effort to establish your clothing line, but have you studied the market to see if this suits you? And also see what are the current issues relating to trade - regulatory or otherwise.
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                    ApparelBrand Newbie
                    Hey Jojo. How is your business going? I just read your post and i am interested in start my own clothing line as well. Your vision is the same as mine, i would like to be among the shops just as forever21, zara and topshop.

                    Hope to hear from you soon, and you can contact me on to tell you what i have done ;)