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    Wrote a small book, how can I sell it?

    dreamfree Newbie

      I am a Sudoku fan, and wrote a small book of 20 pages instructing the solving skills.
      Is it worth a try to market?
      I tried to sell it in PDF format in eBay, but got no response.
      What should I do, should I give up?
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          Wrote a small book, how can I sell it?

          Who r u?? Go to Members page and share some info.

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            There are a couple of different options:


            You could set up a sales page for the book and then set up online and offline marketing to drive traffic to the sales page.


            You could get with a POD (publishing on demand) company to help promote and publish your book, but I think based upon the size and focus, this probably is a long shot.


            You could set up your own blog based upon Sudoku and offer your ebook there.


            You could see if there are any online Sudoku forums where you can advertise your book.


            There are other options, but before you spend more time and money, have you done any research to see what other books you are competing against? How does your book compare in content and pricing? Have you identified where Sudoku fans congregate and have a good reason why they need to have your book? Do you offer other products or services relating to Sudoku that you can use the ebook as a marketing tool?


            I recommend you do your marketing research regarding your market, their potential interest in your book and the competition before you spend more time and money trying to sell your book.


            All the Best,


            Doug Dolan


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              mobikas Adventurer
              The quickest way to find out if there is a market for your book is to go on Google and type in the keyword you think people would search for. After quering the search keyword on Google, look at the right column to see if there is paid advertising. If you see paid advertising on the right column, chances are there is a market for your book because people are bidding on the keyword to display their ad.

              Try to give away free content or free info that people can actually use to help solve their problem. If they value your free content and see how it really help in solving their problem, they will want what you have to offer.