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    Need funding for expansion

    netdebut Wayfarer
      Hello everyone,

      I am seeking some additional funding to help expand my business. I've received $50,000 of investor funds in July of 2007 and now seeking additional funding to help expand our business right before our launch. Entered below is a copy of my executive summary directly from my business plan. The business plan is 21 pages long and I can provide that along with a 12-month sales forecast starting March-2008.

      With the money I have left, I can still make it to March, our launch date, but I'd like to quickly expand into other services such as hiring attorney(s), accountant(s), actors (for video ad), additional servers, employees and much more.

      ------------------Executive Summary-----------------
      The Internet marketing field
      in the US is currently a $19.9 billion market and according to JupiterResearch
      it is expected to reach $35.4 billion in 2012. PWC analysts expect to see $73
      billion, world-wide, by 2011. There's no doubt that Google, as a search engine,
      is impossible to beat. Microsoft is still chasing Google, while Yahoo! and many
      others are tailing behind.

      However, there couldn't have
      been be a better time for Fair Ads Network (FAN) to step foot into contextual
      advertising. With the advertising giants paving the path and letting us know
      which turns are right or wrong, we now know exactly how to approach this niche

      started working on this company on September of 2006 with my partner,
      Konstantin Boyandin, who is from Russia. He's the network security supervisor
      at the company he works in, but he has also done programming for more than 15
      years. We got together after he found my online business forum, and we came up
      with new ideas that could match and even be better than the current contextual
      ad network monopoly by Google's AdSense/AdWords program.

      started this company, because we were inspired by the unfair treatment by the competitors
      mentioned. Do a search over the Internet about AdSense, YPN, AdCenter,
      Bidvertiser, etc. and you'll see thousands of upset and discouraged advertisers
      and publishers using their services.

      response to that, I came up with the name +"Fair
      Ads Network"+ aka FAN. It had a double meaning; 1) The acronym for our
      company name and 2) For others to be a "FAN"

      far, all of our features and benefits will match and even beat all of our
      competition. You may not have any understanding of some of the things I'm about
      to mention, but our company will be able
      to deliver ads via text, images and rich media (flash, animated images, video)
      through methods of CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPA (cost per action),
      CPC (cost per click), CPV (cost per view). Added solutions are Interstitial,
      in-line text, co-registration and even email marketing. Our method of ad
      delivery depends on ad type, medium, category, price-range, keyword, keyword
      bid, demographic, geographic, time of day and much more.

      with a smaller work-force (we currently have 4 people on our team: me - overall
      business growth and development, my partner - head director of programming, my
      wife - chief financial analyst and our 2nd programmer), I've
      developed a system that would allow us to keep up with companies like Google
      and Yahoo who have thousands of staff/employees. It seems impossible, but
      through the power of automation and through the manipulation of the power of
      the people, I am able to harness it and utilize it to my company's advantage.

      FAN, advertisers (those paying to have their ads shown) and publishers (those
      who get paid to have the ads showing on their websites) will have more control
      of what ads are being shown, when it would be shown and even specify who can
      show the ads on their site. We are much more open to our members compared to
      the giants. We've done everything possible to protect them from fraudulent
      clicks and accidental clicks. The design in our security system is quite

      of December 31, 2007, the average DAILY visit is 300,000; a 3,500% increase
      since Jan-07. Our monthly total for December was over 1.2 million, which is an
      8,900% increase. We've delivered over 465,000 ads; an increase of over 500%
      compared to our starting month, Nov-07. We are growing and intend to do so at a
      shocking rate right after launch.

      are interested in getting finances in the amount of $150k, 200k and $250k.

      1. Our \\ investor(s) will receive 6%, 9% or 12% based on those three (3) figures.
      2. You \\ will receive an authentic certificate indicating the percentages/units \\ owned with 2 member signatures and a company stamp to verify its \\ authenticity.
      3. Your \\ earnings will be paid quarterly beginning March-08.
      4. You \\ may choose to hang on to the owned percentage or sell it back to us after \\ a year.
      been invited by a company to come out to NYC next fall to work out a major
      partnership deal. His company has over 100 employees and branches in NYC,
      Brazil and Amsterdam. His company is worth over a billion dollars and working
      with clients such as Heineken, Sony, Mitsubishi and many other large

      I settle that partnership, we would be riding the back of a marketing gorilla
      that will help us get to where ever we want to go.

      for your time and I hope to have you on board.

      Warm Regards,
      (Kevin) Lam
      Fair Ads Network, LLC

      We will begin our press release promotions this month. If you'd like to
      see what will be sent out, I've written 2 of them and all of my
      investors seem to like the 2nd one more.
      Let me know if you have any further questions. Just send me an email with your inquiry and I can send you the whole business plan and the 12-month forecast. If no company can afford $150k+, I am willing to work with anyone who could invest in increments of $10,000, which is 0.5% ownership each. I can guarantee a full and complete return no more than a year from launch and if I fail, even by ONE CENT, I will buy your certificate back.

      My limit is 1 company providing $150,000+ or 3 individual investors providing $10,000 each. You have to understand we don't need the money to thrive, but to expand. With an additional $30,000 we'd have more than enough to handle the essentials but it's the ability to utilize our resources prior to launch.

      Thank you for your time.