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    Loan Direction Assistance

    fishing4help Newbie
      I own a company that I am currently working out of my home and need to expand to a larger facility since I have just set up with several retailers to sell our products. I have looked into small business loans and was told that my personal credit is not the greatest due to a recent divorce and rather lengthly seperation prior to the divorce. I was told that there are angencies that assist with business expansion for people in my situation as well as incentives for hiring additional employees, but have not been able to get any information as to how to apply with these companies or incentives. I am looking for a short-term loan of 6 months with the first payment not to be due until the 3rd month. Could someone please direct me in the right direction? Thank you.
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          Who r u?? Go to Members page and share some info.

          Suggestions. ONE - - Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

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            phanio Pioneer
            First, if looking for retail or business space - you might be better off trying to work a deal with the landlord. Many proprety holders are struggling to rent/lease property thus putting the power in your hands. Work a deal that is beneficial to you.

            Second, with poor credit - very few lenders will loan you money. Your only real option is to collateralize a loan with business assets. For example, a business cash advance is more concerned with your ability to create additioanl sales than your credit. There are also accounts receivable factors and purchase order factors that are more concerned with the strength of the invoice or order than your situation. We list information and resources about all of these on our site.

            There are a few unsecured lenders that will look beyond your personal credit (provided that it is not extremely bad) but you must be in business for a year or more and have steady income.

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