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    Goals...To write or not to write?

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      I have been hearing a lot of people tell me to write down my goals and that will help me to achieve them. I am a very motivated person and always fulfill my goals without writing them out. Do you have any other suggestions or comments about writing your goals and how that will help you stay motivated?
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          Goals...To write or not to write??

          Becky, Do you mean like a Business Plan??
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            I write down my goals and keep them posted where I can see them because it's what works for me. However, everyone is different. Do what works best for you.


            I use a form that I keep in front of me. I have a copy of it on my site, Small Biz Break (the link is below). The form is titled, Weekly Goals & Objectives Worksheet. There is another similar form for people that like a different format titled, Task Management Worksheet. You can sign in and download the templates for free.


            Other people I know like to use a white board that they mark up as they go along.


            The main thing is you set goals, stay focused, check off your goals as you achieve them and then take some time to review how you hit your goal - what worked and what didn't work - so you are more effective in the future. The review doesn't need to take long, but it is a valuable step to take.


            I write my goals for a couple of reasons. Some days can simply get crazy quickly. I may have a plan for the day, week, month .... but then opportunities and other activities I hadn't planned on suddenly appear. By having my goals listed, I can quickly assess how these new opportunities and activities fit into my schedule appropriately. Plus, it helps make sure I don't forget to complete certain actions.


            Seeing my goals and hitting my goals motivates me.


            Hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


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