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    Need some idea to run a computer/electronic liquidation sale

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      Hi everyone, my partner and I owned a warehouse in NJ. We usually get a lot of used, off-lease computer equipments from corporate, bank, school and etc.
      We sell the products to oversea and we do trade show around the state.
      We recently purchased large inventory of Plasma TV, printers and computers, instead of selling it to oversea or trade show, we decided it might be a good idea to run a liquidation sales in our warehouse so we can sell the products direct to the customers.
      I have contact radio station and the advertising fee is around $5000 for one week, you get a 15 sec on-air advertising for 45 time during this 1 week period.
      We plan to do a 3 days show, Friday~Sunday, my question is does advertising on radio will be sufficient? or I should also consider doing some newspaper ad, flyer and maybe put up a banner?

      Any feedback will be great appreciated, we are open for any suggestion and comment.

      Thank you,

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          That sounds like an excellent opportunity for the folks in your area!

          My 2-cents is this: Radio will work well for your event. just remember to really negotiate the rates. Radio salespeople will try to charge as much as you will pay. If you balk at their first, second and third offers- they will come back with much better rates and incentives.

          If there is street traffic in front of your warehouse, definitely put up signs and a banner touting the event. Since you own the space, all you are paying for is the signage.

          You might also want to consider some Google AdWords Local advertising. You could bid on bid on keywords such as Plasma TV, Used Computer, Etc. Just make sure you learn how to Geo-target your advertising prior to launching it. You don't want to pay for clicks in other states.

          And, don't forget Craigslist. It's free and loaded with people looking for electronic bargains.

          Good luck,

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            Marketing campaigns are rarely effective if you use only one medium. You should get much better rates on advertising in the newspaper and printing flyers than what you paid for the radio spots.


            Hopefully, you were able to negotiate good time slots during rush hour and the lunch hour and not just at 3 AM for the price you paid. Did the radio station give you good information about their reach, demographics and peak listening times?


            Does your warehouse location have good visibility for drive by traffic? If so, you may want to look into getting some banners, balloons, etc... to grab the attention of people driving by. If this is an option, get your banners etc... up before your weekend event so people know about it ahead of time.


            You could create the weekend as an event. Set up a bounce house for the kids, have raffles, see if the radio station is willing to include any live broadcast from the event, partner with other businesses for co-marketing. If you need help creating a cohesive marketing campaign, please let me know.


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