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    Whats the procedure to opening a bar/lounge (no alcohol)

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      Whats the steps/procedure to opening a bar/lounge (no alcohol)?
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          For your questions about steps to starting a new business, I have two sites, the Solopreneur's Guide and Small Biz Break. The links to both sites are below.


          The Solopreneur's Guide is dedicated to helping solo entrepreneurs create successful, sustainable businesses. I recently wrote a 10-post series on the sequential steps to starting a small business. Plus, I have a page titled Successful Steps that will guide you, too.


          Small Biz Break is dedicated to simplifying small business by clearing up the clutter of options and giving you focus with a number of free templates and forms.


          Additionally, I provide consulting services, so if you would like, you can reach out to me directly. My contact info is on my home page at The Solopreneur's Guide.


          These sites will help you with the basic steps to opening any small business. When it comes to opening a bar / lounge, you will also need to get with whatever local agency handles food safety for food handlers permits and inspection of your facility.


          If you would like to speak more about this, I am a small business consultant, plus I used to own and operate a restaurant / bar so I am knowledgeable about the process. My contact info is on my profile here and on my sites.


          All the Best,


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide (


          Small Biz Break (