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    What are the best business practices?

    intechspecial Ranger

      The best ways to do business are?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Ethics and morality before legal. Just because it is legal does not mean it is right.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Peter Drucker said that we achieve our business objectives by managing Manpower, Machines, Materials, and Methodologies. First, I believe it's essential to have a crystal clear objective -- a business owner has to have his or her "eyes on the prize" and keep other participants similarly focused on achieving that goal. Second, I believe it's important to leverage one of those four "M's" and get better at it than anyone else. (For example, if you're understaffed, have aging equipment, and inadequate materials then you'd better have a fantastic set of processes, procedures, and methodologies in place. If your machines, materials, and methodologies are lacking, then you had better hire and develop exceptional people.) Big business can afford to get pretty good at all four "M's." Most small businesses can't, so we have to become outstanding at one of them. That translates to our competitive advantage -- having better people, a better place, better products, better processes, better prices . . . we can't be better at all of them, but we have to be better at something in order to compete and survive.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Great answer Lighthouse.

              Everybody can do something that makes a difference. Everybody has
              talents that could help someone else. Entrepreneurs, especially, can
              contribute real business skills to nonprofits that can help programs
              function more efficiently and reach more people. We at SCORE try.


              That kind of social entrepreneurialism isn't philanthropy. It isn't
              just writing a check. It means devoting time and skills to doing
              something -- like mentoring a business.


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                  Philanthropy Newbie
                  Luckiest's belief that everyone can make a difference and there are many ways beyond checkbook philanthropy for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be involved in their communities is something I definitely concur with! An ongoing issue I find with small business folks like myself is that there is a myth that you have to be a large company, like Nike, Microsoft, or HP, to make a difference. And that it takes you "off target" to be involved with nonprofits before you are returning a profit. I disagree. I think small businesses taking small steps during start-up and beyond are a great way to do "double duty" - make a difference and as a form of guerilla marketing. Sharing your business skills can absolutely strengthen nonprofit organizational capacity AND it can help grow your business.

                  I interviewed a number of small businesses for a book I am writing about best practices in community invovlement. Ron Baumbarger, founder of an IT companies, BitWise Solutions in Indianapolis (, told me he felt his serving on local nonprofit boards he cared about and had strategically selected really helped him make connections with key local business leaders he wouldn't have had access to otherwise. It wasn't an instantaneous thing, but people got to know him as the representative of his company and it has turned into a competitive advantage for projects and the rapid growth of his company.
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                    gervi115 Newbie
                    luckiest, since i find you very friendly (businesswise!), could you pls tell me how to redirect my business website to my yahoo domain? i have been trying to reach my domain provider through their customer service rep (they said i need to contact my bus web provider) and do the same to my web provider and they said the same thing... pls provide me insights what to do... thank you

                    p.s. sorry i am really new to internet thing.