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    Online Start Up

    valentinegirl Newbie
      What is the average amount of capitol needed to start an E-Commerce website with one employee, including press, advertising, inventory and legal requirements?


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          That's a tough question to give a quick answer to since there are a number of variables for e-commerce businesses that can greatly affect your costs.


          For example, inventory costs can vary greatly depending on the type of inventory, projected sales volume, on-hand stock you will need to carry based upon production turn times, etc...


          Plus, web site development costs can vary depending on the complexity of your site. You may see some rates quoted in the $5,000 + range, but depending on your needs, you may be able to accomplish setting up a site for under half that.


          The same applies for your one employee. Your budget will vary greatly depending on their level of experience. Are you hiring a basic assistant or an experienced web developer?


          For your legal requirements (permits, licenses, certifications, legal structure), I recommend you check out They provide comprehensive reports and services at reasonable rates.


          For figuring out what your other fees will cost you, I have a Start-Up Costs Spreadsheet on my Small Biz Break site. The link to the site is below. You can register for free and get access to this spreadsheet and other help forms and templates. Using the Start-Up Costs spreadsheet will guide you in researching appropriate costs for starting your business.


          Hope this helps.


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