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    Need advice regarding rental lease. Please, help!

    Scarlett Newbie

      I desperately need advice. I'm starting my own business and have found a perfect spot for it. It's a commercial center (like an outside mall) owned by a large company. I contacted the company, chose a space to rent, supplied all the nessesary documents (financial, business plan) and after about a month was approved. I recieved a proposal from the company with an outline of where, how much, how long, ect. and was told that they will start working on the lease.
      Now, I don't talk to the owners directly, but through an assistant who passes information back and forth.
      Here's what got me concerned: it has been over a month since the proposal and I don't have the lease and I can't get out of the assistant WHEN the lease will be ready. She said that the company is waiting on some paperwork from their end... I don't know.
      I never rented a commercial space before and I don't know if such delays are normal.

      Anyone who has gone through the procedure of renting store space - please, share your knowledge. Should I be worried or is this delay is nothing out of ordinary.

      Thank you very much!