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    Online Community or Competitive Business Network?

    intechspecial Ranger

      I have been here for two short days, and already something seems apparent to me.
      Some are using this communtiy as a way to brow-beat, and demoralize others.
      Almost like trying to "squash" the other guy, before he has a chance.

      Unfortunately this will turn many away, as with any strong community, the community supports persons of all walks of life and abiliites.
      So why do some feel a need to demoralize others? I do not feel this should be a place to compete with others, but a place to share our successes and defeats, get advice, give advice, give/receive support, etc.

      The existance of this community depends on the ability for us to work together as one.

      Check out this scenario:A business owner step up to my computer, after a 17hour day in business, exhausted and just wanting to find something to ease the stress before they must prepare for tomorrow. They find this website called: "small business online community", and they think to themselves "wow what a cool idea".

      They peruse the site, sign up, read several articles, and then post a question to forums.

      Suddenly they are hit with 3-5 negative responses, bludgeoning and belittling them for there lack of ability or dumb opinions. They just dealt with this for 17 hours, now they get it from a community the first time they are online?

      They leave the site, and from that day forward they treat any email they receive from this website as spam. To much hassle.

      The issue is that the person perusing the site, the business owner was an "angel investor" looking for another business venture to support.

      Nice work! You have belittled your own wallet! A potential client steps away from this community thinking this is just a bunch of immature teeanagers posing as business persons.(I am sure there are plenty of fakes). We can not prevent the 14 year olds coming on here and posting inappropriate material. We can act in a manor that reflects a level of professionalism, respect, honesty, and of course, dignity. Is this not how we must do business to stay above water?

      To all the true business owners, welcome to this site. To all the fakes here to just stir things up, there are sites like YouTube to do those kinds of things.

      Let us uphold the true sense of professionalism, that being a business ower brings.