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    How to give back to the Community without donations

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      This month a horrifying and devastating natural disaster hit Nashville, Tennessee. There were 29 deaths and billions of dollars worth of damage. There were three days of rain without any relief. I have seen a community come together to help those in need. Not only am I seeing neighbor helping neighbor, but I haven't heard a single story about stealing or vandalism. This shows that people in a disaster can come together and that material possessions don't matter. When it comes down to it we all help each other and do what each is able.


      Here is the question: How can a small business give back to its community without spending a fortune? My Philosophy: A business philosophy of mine comes from a quote by Albert Einstein "Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value. A successful man takes out of life more than he puts in. A man of value will give more than he receives." When you put love into the world and your business, you win in the long run.


      Time: On Saturday, May 8, me and a few others went into a community behind Opry Mills Mall. This part of Nashville is directly behind the Cumberland River and hit very hard. When there is flooding it ruins everything and all possessions have to be thrown out to prevent molding. We found a family that had not even begun on their home. It took four hours and a group of 12 volunteers to take down all the dry wall, take all the possessions out, move their cars out of the garage, and begin to let the home dry out. This family was very grateful and if a group had not worked so well together it could have taken them weeks to do the work that took 4 hours. It wasn't just our group there were Hundreds of volunteers and church's ensuring there was enough supplies, food, and water. Look what four hours did to help those in need.


      Focus on One issue: By focusing on one area to help, it will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. You will also see more results in the long term by helping one organization. Don't get burned out! In order to be effective in your community you have to be a profitable company.


      You don't have to give cash: By giving to the organization through volunteers you're not only helping them, but your helping yourself. When you're out in the community helping people want to know who you are and what company you work for. You would be surprised what a good networking opportunity volunteering is, and the best part is its fun! I leave volunteering feeling accomplished and humbled. Life is not all about us and what is going on in our lives.


      Through Nashville's flood crisis it has reminded me that yes, business is important, but not more important than people's lives. Give back even if your only able to once a month!
      Need volunteer ideas? Go to, I found some great ideas there.


      Do you have a good volunteer story? Share it below:

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