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    Seeking advice on website design

    african2009 Newbie
      I recently set up an ebiz and would like to get reviews as to the site design. Overall use and access to the site, what information would you like to see more and any other information that would make the website "attractive" to potential clients.

      The site address is
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          Could you share more information as to the demographics of the target customer base?
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            SohoSB Newbie
            First I want to say congratulations on starting your online business, you have take an huge step by taking action.

            Now as far as the design of the site, immediately I noticed a few things.
            1. Domain Name - has hyphens & ends in a .biz, most people will forget to put the hyphen in the domain name when typing it in. Secondly most people by default type in .com so you may be sending potential customers to other sites.
            2. Advertisement - I would take the advertisement banner off your site, it's distraction and has nothing to do with the products you are selling. Also you do not want to give people a reason to click away from your site.
            3. Layout The layout is kind of complicated, it should be very simple and highlight the products, not counters of online visitors, also I would lose the video as it takes longer for your site to load as everyone is not on a highspeed internet connection.
            4. Colors - It is not inviting and does not compliment the theme of the products.
            5. The Shopping Cart - I would probably go with a dedicated shopping cart either a free one like Zen Cart or any hosted solution, instead of the CMS Joomla it looks like.
            We'll those are the things that jumped out to me immediately and are easy to fix, but like I said you did the most important part which was to take action and actually put up the site.

            A website is never finished, but by making small changes as you go along you will succeed.

            Best Regards,

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                raffledog Adventurer
                I totally agree with SohoSB's comments. Never use anything other then .com. Yes if you are a big business then it might not matter to use a .net or .biz extension but for a new business, .com is a must. Try looking at wordpress for a website platform. It is easy to use and you can get all sorts of plugins (including a ecommerce plugin).

                If you stick with your site then you must work on the colors. When I think of African colors I think of something bright and fun. I entered african colors into google and found a bunch of websites suggesting color schemes. Brigthen it up a bit. Color sets the tone for your site and a grey, white and black color sheme gives almost a depressing feeling. If that tiger picture on top was color it would look a lot better.

                Get rid of the ads, map, and site counter. That new item box might look better in the spot of where you currently have your ads.

                I hope I wasn't too harsh but I wanted to be as honest as possible. It takes time to get a site right and I wish you luck!
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                Imayday28 Wayfarer
                I appreciate the above statements. How to attract protential customers? I think first you must have a clear idea about your potential customers: who are they and what characteristics do they share. According to this, you can design your website to cater to their taste. Besides, the image information of your product can be photoed more lovely. The new items section, as far as I am concerned, is not quite in harmony with the page. What if to extend the length and to show the new items clearer?
                By the way, if you want to transfor to a dedicated shopping cart, you can try TomatoCart. It is a perfect one for small or medium business and Free Of Charge.
                You can get more information