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    I need help to fund my start up business - please help...

    Joseph Newbie
      I need help to finance my start up business. I am about 85 percent finish with my business plan, just need to polish it to a professional business plan writer. I already opened a business account with Wells Fargo but was declined of a Home Equity Loan. I already have my LLC, EIN and Business Registration where I will establish my business. My business will be a seasonal to cater tourists who visits Alaska during the summer season. These tourists are on board cruise ships that visits this town. During the peak season there are three cruise ships that visits this one town in Alaska. I thought of the opportunity when I was there when I was on a commercial troll fishing and we were selling fish. I saw the opportunity when the town was flooded with tourists.I will also going to establish an online e-commerce and join the government contracts by selling seafood to the government. I planned on buying a kitchen trailer (8'x20') and a used pick up truck to pull my trailer. I already visited a kitchen trailer manufacturer in California and got a quote of approximately $60,000 just for the trailer. It's a cutomized one. So, I have been reviewing it to simplify the equipments I needed to cook the food I will sell to tourist and yet it has to be approved and pass safety, sanitation and regulations of the Alaska health and environmental government. I already talk to family and friends and they are very excited to be my buyers but cannot help me lend money to fund my start up business. I planned on borrowing money through SBA and some non-profit organizations because I have a not good credit and thought of borrowing money through a line of credit or a home equity. All I need is about $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 for my start up to buy a new computer, to get a place to rent to Alaska, register my business in the city and keep some for my reserve. I already did a balance sheet, my profit and loss projections and all the projections that I needed to present my business plan to any banking or finance instititions to be able to apply for a small business loan which is amounting to $250,000.00. I planned on opening my business this coming month of May. Already talked to a SCORE volunteers one in Seattle and one in Alaska. I was already warned that I might have a hard time getting a loan because of what is going on with our economy, and I have been turned down twice and of course families are more than twice as well. But I will not give up! There's so much opportunity on this one and it'll be a dream come true for me. Believe me, I already spent months doing my research about this business as well as my competitors in the area.

      About me: I have over 5 years of retail experience. I was an Assistant Manager in WA State Liquor State Board. I have a Business Finance degree, a Management degree and a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management. I even have the most qualification to run this business. I have the passion the burns inside me, the courage and drive to work hard to make this business to be successful.

      Anybody who can help me or refer me to those who are genuine people who are willing to help someone like me who is struggling to be on her own trying to get out of poverty and be a successful citizen of this great country despite all the obstables I am facing.

      Thank you,