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      I own a small mexican food restaurant in southern california and i wanna do some advertising. i was wondering if anybody has done something that has work really well that can help me
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          Hi Guy
          Start collecting email addresses of all your customers. get in touch with them on a regular base, invite them back to you place by giving them a discount if they mention ypur email. In the email tell them to "feel free to Pass this discount on to friends and family" Shoot a video of you restaurant and post it on major video sites. Get your business listed on Google Local Search. Start a Facebook fan page and tell your customers to join.
          More info here
          I hope it helps you. Good luck!!
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            I owned a fine dining restaurant in northern AZ and had a couple of programs that worked well.


            I did a program similar to what Marcus42 mentioned. I included a comment card with each bill and incentivized people to fill it out by doing a raffle once a month for a gift certificate. This helped us get customer feedback, plus collect contact info so we could make them aware of specials, special events and menu changes.


            Our best advertising tool was our food. I took samples of our food around to different businesses (banks, art galleries, real estate offices, B&Bs, hotels) and to the Chamber of Commerce. This gave me a great opportunity to connect with the people that worked there, get their reaction to the food, and tell them about the new things happening at our restaurant. I would leave them a flyer about the new events and copies of our menus that they could pass out. In turn, we received a number of referrals from them.


            Good luck. I hope this helps.


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              Getting involved with your community will help to boost your business. By volunteering, joining the Chamber of Commerce, and being at local events people will recognize you and see you want to be a part of the community. In turn people will want your restaurant to stay successful and recommend it to their friends and family. When you give your time people will support your restaurant.

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                Barky Dog Tracker

                One other tip- make sure you are listed in Google "local" search results.
                That way if anyone near your business searches for "mexican food restaurant"
                your business can show up in the local results and on Google Maps *for
                free*. You can even post images, your menu and coupons that automatically expire. You can set up your free Google local profile at

                Best of luck,

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                  Put together a "dinner for two" meal (for example: dinner, wine, dessert and a movie) and then present it to a local radio or news station to give away to its audience. Do it about every couple of months.

                  You can also present it to community organizations or at a high school Parent/Teacher meeting.

                  Take samples to local farmers market or set up a small booth (sale inexpensive items under $5) at area festival -- sample plates of 2-3 food items.

                  Hope this helps and good luck!