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    Looking for a auto sales mentor

    thesnowman Newbie
      Hello everyone I am embarking on a new career in the automotive sales industry. I will be working in a rather large car lot. I was basically looking for a good mentor that can help me stay focused, how to drive new business so i dont have to depend on door swings or people walking in off the lot. Just anything and everything to help my career change to smooth. I look forward to reading your replies.
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          phanio Pioneer
          Car sales is a local business - thus, get out in your local community and network. Get out where the people are with business cards in had and sell yourself - not the cars or the dealer - sell yourself. If people believe that you will work with them or for them - they will come to you. You can also go to other business owners and tell them that you will work especially hard for the people those businesses send to you.

          Car sales - just like any sales - is all about relationships - get out and build your reputation in the community - create that relationship.

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