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    SEO company guarantees?

    jimcro55 Wayfarer
      I have an SEO company that is basically guaranteeing me a top spot on googles search engine for some key words that I am very interested in, (wire cloth, mesh). Has anyone ever worked with an SEO company guaranteeing something like that? Did it work out?

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          I can guarantee that you're not likely to be driving much business from doing that-- how's that for a guarantee?
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            vnavguys Tracker
            I consider myself a SEO expert, here is my opinion. Anyone that guarantees me results in the SEO field is an idiot and has no idea what they are saying. Here is why. They may get me results for some obscure long term search term that you are not promoting and call that "results" or great results. When you hire someone out, you pretty much have to know your stuff and give very specific directions, otherwise you get results that they think is good and you don't. I hire and fire more people than most. But I do know my keywords and I do know what I want. The only reason I hire out is if I am too busy. When I do its a small project with very tangible results that I can measure. (traffic, comments, reviews, rankings etc) Be vary wary and do your homework. When it comes to marketing and SEO there are NO shortcuts, shortcuts are for suckers.

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              mrthanks Newbie
              I happen to know a great small seo company that is family owned and the owner really, really knows his stuff. He is teaching at UCI this monday and had been on several radio shows that were broadcasted to 1.5 mil people. But the funny thing is he's very humble and his daughter is in my sons class. We talked a bit about it before. He does a free analysis to see what your needs are and then takes about a week or two with his team and comes back with your solution. You can choose to move forward or not pretty simple and free. But like jimcro said he never promises crazy things, but he can do about the best that you can get but for 1/2 the cost of the big dogs.

              you can email me at (my personal) if you want me to forward his info. He is amazing good because he has been doing this for 13 years and he teaches it for a living and he's a great guy...

              Take care,

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                SlavikV Newbie
                No guarantees can be made in SEO (organic listings). Maybe they meant Pay-per-click ("sponsored" links) in Google?
                Good luck!

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                  hmansfield Newbie
                  I have to agree with the others, any SEO person that guarantees top placement is either using a short lived black hat technique that will likely get you banned, or is "bait and switching" you and will get you results using very long tail phrases including those keywords, but not the actual words alone.

                  If I may offer a bit of advice? Narrow in on your keywords a little more.
                  People search specifically these days, and not by single words. Not knowing your business, I would guess that are not "mesh", or "wire cloth", but that deal somehow in those things.

                  That's how you should be targeting your keywords. If you porvide repair work, or you are a supplier, then you want to target people looking for that, not people who just type in the word "Mesh". Those are not customers. People typing in "Mesh Suppliers"...those are customers. If you really want to get targeted, people looking for "Mesh Supliers, (Your City or State)" .

                  Don't waste your time targeting one word keywords, they do not accurately reflect what you have to offer nor capture the traffic you are looking for.

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                    bpfinance Adventurer
                    I agree that no legitimate SEO company guarantees placement. However, if you do want to use them, make sure you have a contract drawn up so that you actually don't pay them anything until you receive placement in the top _ for your search term. Use an escrow service. If the contract is drawn up correctly, you won't have to pay them if the results aren't what the company guarantees. What you want is a lawyer who both knows contract law as well as at least a little about SEO.

                    It is very possible this company you are working with essentially has a business plan that says "we can place in the top _ 25% of the time, so we should guarantee that we place in the top _ with each client, and if we do end up placing, we will still make a profit even if we don't make money on 75% of the clients." While not necessarily ethical, many companies (not just SEO companies) have business plans that are based on this model or some derivative of it.
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                        My advice is to not look at rankings, but the TRAFFIC and LEADS your SEO generates. That will put a stop to most of the SEO folks who go on and on about rankings that don't actually matter.
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                            jimcro55 Wayfarer

                            The problem with not looking at rankings but instead counting our leads is that then we are basically chasing our tail. We are a wire mesh company, so basically anyone who needs any wire cloth or wire mesh (our product) will go straight to a search engine to try to find a company that sells it. They can't just walk down to the local corner store to buy this stuff, so they search online for it. Therefore, if we are not near the top of the search, we can basically kiss that customer goodbye.




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                                videtc Newbie
                                You are already on page one of Google for mesh cloth, wire mesh, Galvanized Steel Standard Grade Wire Cloth and the mispelling that is on your site (coth) & HOW TO MEASURE WIRE CLOTH has a double indent listing and 5 more below that with expansion which is like the holy grail! - that's all I checked so far. You seem pretty well optimized already. Your pictures are named well, your pages have good titles. You might want to put a few links to internal pages from the front page in the actual text (make the keywords into links to other pages), and interlink a few.

                                Here's the thing - no one can Guarantee top page search engine rankings except Google. You don't seem to be really selling online, which might be putting some people off and you don't have what is called a "lead capture" form front and center on your site. Your site looks good but there are alot of things you could do to improve it since you are already ranking, either there aren't that many people buying or they don't want to pick up the phone.

                                You might also want to consider taking Paypal - they take a cut but if you
                                get sales that would otherwise leave your site, you would be better
                                off. It takes only a short time to get set up on paypal and get a
                                button up on your site. You can always take it back off if you decide to
                                later but test, test test your marketing. Your shipping prices are
                                also not noted.

                                You need to look at your traffic statistics and see how many "unique visitors" you have, and what keywords they are typing in. Also, when you type one of the keywords in to see if you rank, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page - those are other words Google thinks is relevant so you could throw up a few pages with those words on. The more keywords you rank for, the more traffic. I'm not sure what they are trying to charge you but you seem to be ranking pretty well already so I think your problem is not with ranking but with converting the people that do visit into sales.

                                Start asking your customers - what would you type into Google if you wanted to find us. You might be surprised. Probably they are putting sizes, mesh types, all kinds of things in...You will get further faster if you start thinking in terms of what does my customer want/ need - what problem is he trying to solve, how can I help solve it, start a blog on your site and direct industry people to join etc. Tons of fun things you could do.

                                Sorry to be preachy - this is my passion! LOL

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                                    dpeterson Wayfarer


                                    Great reply... "Start asking your customers - what would you type into Google if you wanted to find us." A lot of my sales consulting job here in Atlanta is getting people to think about what their customers would type into Google to find them. I then have my team write articles on those subjects. Basically we try to make the customer the subject matter expert on the topics that their customers type into the search engines.

                                    What customers think become the keyword phrases that we target the article to.

                                    We certainly don't guarantee rankings, but experience and the tools we use give us a pretty good idea on how many articles/press releases/blog posts etc it will take to get that customer to page one.

                                    I'm not a SEO company (except for my own work) our article writing supports the SEO team hired by the customer.

                                    David Peterson: Atlanta Sales and Consulting. Here is a description of that article writing service:
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                              Sprizmo Wayfarer
                              Our company performs SEO, and we never gaurantee results, but we do make extended efforts when necessary and generally have great intuition. In my experience I've seen key search phrases work better than key words. People very commonly type the product they want than "in" the specific town or city they are in. For example, "window replacement in long beach". Landing pages targeting specific geography is crucial, even if you operate nationally.
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                                AssetRegistry Wayfarer
                                I was too cheap to pay anyone and designed my own website and do all of my own SEO work. I have had fairly good success doing it myself. You should be able to get started with basic tools your webhosting company easy enough.
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                                  CatalystEmktg Newbie
                                  Hi all, my name is Linda and this is my 1st post on this helpful forum...

                                  I would be careful of SEO companies that offer guarantees, especially in organic search.

                                  I specialize in Google Local search, now called Google Places and it would be easy for me to offer a guarantee to get people in the top 7 spots next to the map on the 1st page of Google. I have considered it several times. And I won't even take on a new client unless I firmly believe I can get
                                  them to page 1.I'll tell you why I don't offer a guarantee below.

                                  I just took a Chiropractor in a major competitive city from #44 to #1 for all his keywords. It was such a complicated case that I feel like if I can get him all the way to #1 I can get other companies at least to the 1st page.

                                  HOWEVER, honestly, no one can make an iron clad guarantee, because you just can't control Google and no one knows the algorithm for sure. Yes it's much easier to figure out the 50 or so things that the Google LOCAL algo takes into account, but still it's impossible to control what she does.

                                  The other point I wanted to make is one regarding perception and ethics. There are SO many shady SEO companies using aggressive sales tactics that guarantee top rankings. They are high pressure and many are dishonest and I just don't even what to be seen that way.

                                  So anyway, not sure if I answered anyone's question.
                                  But this is a topic I'm pretty passionate about, so I thought I'd weigh in.

                                  My 2 cents,

                                  Linda Buquet
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                                    RobClayton Wayfarer
                                    I think that just by asking the question - you already know the answer. I beleive in doing things myself and not paying for guarantees that are too good to be true. Plus, by doing it yourself - you know how to keep it up as well as what works and what doesn't.

                                    I recently had an SEO firm (that also guarantees top google results) that wanted to puchase a link on one of our sites. After spending a few minutes with this person, I could easily tell that he knew nothing about SEO or how google or the other search engines works. It just amazes me that someone paid him to do something he does not know how to do.

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                                      lantainc Newbie

                                      Technically it all depends on who's doing it. It is possible with white hat and approved ways. If you hire someone who knows
                                      what they are actually doing you can definitely be guaranteed a lot more relevant exposure.


                                      Alexander Mirvis


                                      Lanta Inc
                                      142 East 39th Street
                                      New York, NY 10016
                                      Tel: (646) 450-6925
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                                        jimcro55 Wayfarer

                                        Well its been about a year, and you guys were right!  I talked to people that used these SEO guys who make the "guarantees" and no one has come through with what they promised!  So glad I didn't pay those scammers.



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                                            Hudacko Enterprises Adventurer



                                            Just saw this thread and was curious to see the outcome. Glad that you didn't spend lots of cash on SEO because your site has a pretty decent Alexa rank.


                                            One thing that I would offer as a constructive criticism is:


                                            When I went to the site it was not obvious to me who your target market was. Therefore your comment that anyone looking for wire mesh is just going to "Google it" makes sense, however, as suggested above, doing a little more work on the home page with keywords and links might just help; get your keywords into "Heading Tags"; get some keyword density on home page text; have your keywords actually MATCH your "Heading Tag"(note: singular, only one on the page); adding some additional text about the products on the home page using keywords should increase search engine likeability; and get an xml sitemap pushed out to the search engines with page rank priorities assigned.


                                            Hope this is helpful.



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                                            videopete Adventurer

                                            No one can guarnetee #1 rankings on Google for every key word if the do they are liars,Google changes all the time their alogorthymes never stay the same,Best thing for any website is become an authority site with great content a well structured site and quality backlinks that will get you the right traffic and build your business with out some black magic guarantee. 


                                            A buyers guide to buying the best wire mesh is a must for your people,they need  to know you you are the authority on wire mesh

                                            5 tips to spotting faulty wire mesh free report reveales


                                            Never buy wire mess again until you read this report just release by the wire mesh industry top guru


                                            7 hidden secrets to finding the best wire mesh for the lowest price this report reveals the changes in the wire mess industry and what you need to know as a consumer.



                                            Wire mesh?


                                            How many types and what are all the of wire mesh are there?are there different grades,sound like pretty dumb questions to someone buying wire mesh that buys it all the time butI need to know cause I want to buy wire mesh for the first time.


                                            Your OK doing what your doing will be better with lead generation I bet no one in your industry is doing it..


                                            Hope this helps



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                                              bongski Wayfarer

                                              For me, there is no guaranteed results. only sales and lead sales,  go to your target market. And always do constant promotion, marketing your business.

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                                                denisbevilacqua Wayfarer


                                                I want to gire seo service for my site.


                                                See what saying



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                                                    videopete Adventurer

                                                    Tell Me what your wanting?


                                                    Is it just seo?


                                                    your a local business are you set up with all the local directories yet?and Google places?



                                                    your pizza resturant need a little differnet twist your site needs a litttle tuning up.


                                                    You can skpe me    peter.kici



                                                    Or e-mail me and will answer all your questions

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                                                    Sophia_Myles Tracker

                                                    Well, my company also have a SEO company, what they give us about the rankings is always "maybe", "is expected to", "should be "...this kind of answers. Never got a guarantee so far but I think that's reasonable. The ranking are determined by lots of factors, many of which cannot be controlled by the SEO company or our company. So how can anyone be so sure to make a guarantee?

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                                                      thirddd Scout

                                                      You should be very cautious any time an SEO company guarantees the top spot in the organic results of the SERPs. It's not impossible to do, as I've done it on more than one occasion, but a majority of the time these claims are unrealistic and made by SEO "experts" that have no idea what they're talking about. Along with these clueless experts, a lot of shady SEO companies have been promising the top spot on Google, purposely leaving out the minor detail that they'll be placing your ad in the paid search listings that automatically appear at the top of the page (at your expense).


                                                      To be honest, I just performed a keyword analysis for the term "wire cloth" and the competitive landscape was actually pretty surprising. The keyword is only moderately competitive. In fact, it's one of the lowest that I've seen in a long time, which means ranking in the top 10, if not the top 3, of Google's search results should be pretty easy to achieve, assuming you know what you're doing. For the amount of searches the term receives (over 30,000 local searches per month) there's definitely potential for you to make a profit if you get the right people on your team. If you're looking to operate as a local business, it shouldn't be a problem for you to secure the top spot for searches within your city and state. Don't give up on the idea just yet JC.


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                                                        jennie23 Adventurer

                                                        SEO is a technique, not a technology. If you are talking about organic SEO, can't sure if you get your desired goal but PPC is helpful.


                                                        Better combination is SEO + Live Chat on Website = Guaranteed Conversion.


                                                        Subscribe Live2Support news letter how this combination is helpful for business.



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                                                          The SEO Blitz Adventurer

                                                          Hey JC,


                                                          A good SEO can give you guarantees in Top 10, Top 5 but never a #1, a further question is for how long? (1 day, 2 weeks or 10 years?)


                                                          Tip: Negotiate a special model (performance-related pay) with your seo to secure yourself! The seo/you reports on a daily base the positions of your keywords.

                                                          Based on the days per month you appear in agreed positions you pay % amount for your seo. So you can make sure, if those positions are

                                                          not reached you don't have to pay any money ...


                                                          Keyword (wire cloth)

                                                          The competitor power is low and you already have a Top 10 position in google for that keyword. The possibility to come up to Top 3 or more is high

                                                          with the right kind of seo strategy. This shouldn't be much work for an SEO.


                                                          Keyword (mesh)

                                                          For this keyword your seo have to work a lot. You don't even appear in Top100 for this keyword and competition is very high (unspecified, broad keyword)

                                                          For "mesh" it can take a long long time to get you there with a serious guideline conform strategy.


                                                          However, ask for performance-related pay option (Tip above), this ensures that you only have to pay for an successful seo job.



                                                          The SEO Blitz

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                                                            PowerLineSEO Adventurer

                                                            I am a Certified SEO Professional and as a professional I will tell you this.


                                                            Anybody that is truly qualified in SEO will not make such promises.


                                                            Nobody and I mean nobody can guarantee you will be #1, #2 or #3, etc...


                                                            I can certainly get you in the top 10 but to promise anything more than that is outright unethical and false.


                                                            I can analyze your website and your competitors and tell you what needs to be done to have a competitive edge but ethically I cannot promise you will be above them or on top. I can certainly improve things for you but to promise you a specific position would be telling you a lie.


                                                            Aside from that I suggest you only use a SEO guy that is certified because SEO is not regulated by any laws and there are a LOT and I mean a lot of wannabee SEO guys out there that make all sorts of promises and are not capable of delivering what they promise.



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                                                              The SEO Blitz Adventurer

                                                              Take a look at this page, google gives great advise for this ...


                                                              "Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation."