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    Love Books? BookWise is the most intelligent home-based business in the world!

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      BookWise is the most intelligent home-based business in the world.

      Now that's a pretty bold claim, but BookWise is a very bold company. There are a number of reasons why it's absolutely true.

      If you're looking for extra income, a small change of pace, or even a major career shift, examine a business that you can manage right out of your home.

      With BookWise, you'll provide your customers with over 1.5 million products including books, CDs, DVDs and the hottest games. There are no pills, powders or potions to sell and no need to make grandiose promises of well being to your friends. Our products are best-selling books, CDs, DVDs and games and we help people build wealth, while building personal libraries and knowledge through reading. You will be enrolled in an awesome community of enlightened individuals who are committed to self-improvement.

      BookWise is extremely low risk. It costs $39.95 to start up, then just $39.95 per month and that includes your own Internet bookstore to build a steady stream of income, a best-selling book, CD, DVD or game of your choice, deep discounts on additional books, free eBooks, audio books, online author interviews, tax guidance, business management training, a speed reading lesson and exciting literary tours around the world. And there's a list of other benefits not offered anywhere else.

      Our compensation plan is unique, and a powerful new approach to network marketing. This is the ongoing residual income you've been looking for.

      For little risk, enormous potential, and benefits that far exceed costs, BookWise will guarantee your satisfaction. That's right, we guarantee it. If after 12 months as an active Associate, you do not believe your life is better for having joined BookWise, we'll refund 100% of your monthly fees. And you can keep the books or products.

      That may be all the reasons you need to join BookWise, but there is one more to support our claim, as the most intelligent home-based business: Our founders.

      BookWise is the brainchild of Richard Paul Evans. He is an award winning, bestselling author of over a dozen books. His books come from the heart and speak to the heart. He is passionate about enlightenment that comes when people buy and sell and read great books. He wants you to succeed just like he's succeeded in this industry.

      His partner is Robert G. Allen, one of the leading authors in the country and a respected leader and teacher of the power of investing and multiple streams of income. He is anxious to provide you with tools for success and put wealth to work for you.

      They assembled a team of brilliant businessmen, writers, thinkers and entrepreneurs to form BookWise, namely Dennis Webb, Andy Compas, Mark Hurst, and Blair Williams.

      BookWise. It's exciting. It's enlightened. It's comfortable. And it is the most intelligent home-based business in the world. Enter passkey 1669