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    What is the best way to increase website traffic?

    BizSavings Adventurer
      I have experienced phenominal growth through word of mouth, social marketing and organic methods. Does anyone reccomend pay per click services? My website helps small business owners grow by using free marketing products to expand their businesses.
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          fishing4help Newbie
          Pay Per Clicks can be extremely costly and at times not very effective. The only one that I personally have seen to work without costing you an arm and a leg; would be Google Adware. You can set you monthly budget as well as the client base that you are trying to reach. Google will also allow you t search through the various keywords that are offered to see which ones will work for you and what the per click cost of each is so that you will get the most for your money.

          There are several free social networks that you can use as well. The more places that your company website is located in the easier it will be for your new clients to find you. Also, to keep your company's ranking in the search engines; you should update your website at least once a month. This will insure that Google as well as other search engines crawl your website. Be sure that you have key words and meta tags in your html header within your website. This will help bring up your website when someone uses those words in a search. If you do not see progress within say 60 days than change the keywords and meta tages. Using only the most common tags though will only have you competing with large companies so be creative.
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            Try Facebook business pages. Free and easy.
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              GlobalCITS Wayfarer
              Although Pay-Per-Click services can be expensive, they offer high visibility to customers.

              Some webhosting companies will provide you with $50 to $100 dollars of free services with Google, Facebook, and Yahoo which are the three largest search engines.

              Check with your webhosting company to see if the option is available. You will be able to set the amount of money to bill out for a period of time, keywords, and days that you want the ads to run. You will also be able to see the analytics/how many hits, type of viewers, location of viewers, which of your webpages they are viewing, etc.

              Secondly there are other options for reaching customers by setting up a directory with Google, Yahoo, and for free.

              Google will allow you to even set coupons or special events on their site.

     will allow you to submit your site to several search engines for free if you will attach their html code to your site for so many days.

              Inlink Building is another option to Search Engine Optimization.

              Please feel free to contact us for additional information or view our website for products and services we have to offer.



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                BizMarketing Newbie
                I ran an analysis on your website in order to offer you a complete answer to your question. There are many ways to drive traffic and there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to devising a complete strategy that will drive a consistent flow of unique visitors to a website.

                It seems like your site would be a great resource to small business owners looking for low cost marketing methods. You have many pages and I can tell that you have invested a great deal of time into developing content that your target market would find useful.

                First allow me to answer your question directly; taking the scope, monetization potential and current navigational structure of your site into account, I would strongly advise against pay per click ads (PPC). They can certainly be effective but there are a few things that must be in place in order for a PPC campaign to generate a positive return on investment. If you decide to move forward with PPC you should not direct visitors directly to your home page you should set up a specialized landing page that would offer a free report in order to capture an email address or direct them to a sales page in which you ask for money in exchange for the membership to your site; brief but powerfully persuasive. Also I would suggest in depth keyword research, DO NOT go after the most obvious keywords, you will get a much higher return on investment going after multiple keywords of lower volume but with a higher degree of "targeting." The main problem I have with you using Ad Words PPC for your site is the fact that the payouts for your affiliate products will not yield a great deal of revenue so you will almost certainly be operating at a negative ROI assuming a standard conversion ratio of 1% - 4% A sound alternative to Google Adwords would be Facebook PPC. The competition is much lower and the cost is about 75% less.
                A complete online strategy can be separated into 4 main areas:

                1) Organic Search Engine Optimization:

                i. We start with Organic SEO because this is your market actively searching for what you offer. They want, you have. You just have to show up on the first 20 spots in order fro you to capture some traffic.

                b. Organic SEO is the first and most important step in a dominant online marketing campaign. What SEO means to is getting a site to the first 20 search results for highly targeted keywords that are relevant to your business or website.

                i. 70% of users will never click a PPC ad
                ii. 67% of users will not go beyond the first page of search results
                iii. 90% of users will not go past the second page

                c. In order for you to do this successfully your website may need some restructuring there are many onsite factors to consider. Learning how successfully optimize a site in order for it to get to the first page of Google search results is definitely possible but I would say you need to invest around 1,000 hours or so. It sounds like a lot but after you learn you will realize that it is not really ALL that complicated but it is very time consuming. It's almost a full time job within itself.

                d. The most important factor in organic SEO is going to the number of back links you have. You have a total of 55 you can view them here:

                e. Backlinks are other sites referring people to your site. Example the link to your site that you have in your question is a backlink from this BOA forum to your site. Depending on the keyword you are targeting you may need hundreds, potentially thousands of backlinks in order to get a strong ranking for a competitive keyword.

                f. One of the easier ways to build backlinks is to post comments on blogs. Just make sure that you are not spamming but leaving relevant comments that are not self serving but enhance the blog.

                g. PLEASE! Keep in mind that this explanation is an extreme over simplification. I do not believe that organic SEO should be done in house. There are many lines between the lines... a series of books could be written on a linking strategy alone, but if you are determined to do it on your own blog commenting would be a good place to start as you learn how to optimize correctly.

       offers Guaranteed SEO Services we will get websites to the first page of Google search results and offer a 200% money back guarantee. We have the knowhow, experience and are passionate about offering industry leading value. NO ONE compares, we have completed over 700 hours of market research to make sure of this: I have a lot more information about our SEO policies and a interactive presentation if you want to learn more I would strongly recommend a visit to the site.

                If it we're easy I would teach all of you here and now but there is no way to transfer all of the required knowledge in one post. I am not pushing my services because it is my business. I analyzed what business owners needed most THEN decided to start the business. We are here to help and offer corporate level services for a fraction of the cost.

                2) You sort of mentioned the second step which has to do with marketing on the social networks. Our second step is Strategic Network Building. The great thing about Social Media Marketing is that there is always more that can be done. Strategic Network Building is about determining your target market in as much detail as possible then methodically and aggressively adding them as part of your first level contacts in a socially intelligent fashion. Each social network has its own set of unwritten rules and it is important that you abide by them or risk being perceived as a spammer or a bot.
                Because you already have a great deal of content and many pages I would suggest the following Social Networks to you:
                a) Twitter: Multiple Profile with different themes (2- 3)
                a. Twitter is phenomenal for driving traffic to a site by promoting content
                b. I suggest multiple profiles because it will allow for faster network expansion. You should not add or delete more than 200 friends per day so if you have 3 accounts you can add 600 people per day
                c. Not everyone will follow you back. If they don't they wont receive your messages.
                d. Use to find targeted individuals. Expect a follow back ration of about 25%. Allow a few days but unfollow friends that do not follow you back you should be mindful of your follower to followback ratio. If not people will perceive you as a bot or spammer (unwritten rule)
                e. Engage: use @ replys and retweet amply
                f. Use to manage all of your networks

                b) Facebook (Profile not Fanpage... yet) Fanpage's are like websites easy to set up but difficult to promote. Most business pages lay idle because people do not know how to get the page in front of people. (Facebook PPC ads are probably the fastest way to get followers.) I suggest a facebook profile built it up to about 1,000 friends THEN set up a fan page and you have a great starting point between FB and Twitter.
                a. You should not request 40 friends per day. If you do Facebook will flag you as a spammer and delete your account.
                b. Wait 30 second or so between friend requests it is one way to stay under the Facebook "spammer" radar.

                c. Always personalize the friend request: "Hi my name is_____ I have a website for small business owners to learn about ways to market their business for free. I was hoping to connect with you, I am expanding my blog and would love to share some ideas with you. Thanks in advance"


                d. Updates are great for connecting on Facebook but you should use a lot more videos and pictures, you will get noticed more and people are more likely to respond and remember you.

                e. WARNING!!! DO NOT ABUSE THE FOLLOWING TIP: If you tag your friends on a picture or a video you will not only reach the person you tag but also all of their friends. So if you have 2000 friends with 200 friends each you would get 400,000 impressions with one video or picture. Just make sure it is high quality entertaining content or people will get very annoyed very quickly. You should only tag those whom you have connected with and exchanged a few messages or as an intro video.

                c) Those 2 are the easiest. LinkedIn would also be great for you but expanding your network can be a lot tougher through there. Ask and Answer questions. Join groups and get involved in conversations.

                Adding friends is not complicates it is time consuming. It is something that should be worked on every day. The bigger your audience the higher the likelihood of increased web traffic BUT engagement is more important than a big audience. If you are not interesting no one will listen.
       offers strategic network building services at a great value. We pride ourselves in the depth of thought and level of social intelligence we implement when building a network for our clients. For info and an interactive presentation:*

                3) After building a network you will need to engage them in order to earn their favor. You can engage one person at a time by sending private messages and calling people. Or you can develop interesting content and engage thousands simultaneously on multiple networks.

                a. One of the reasons I don't mind spending a few hours answering this question is because I can abbreviate this into a powepoint presentation and upload to slideshare, scribd and other presentation sharing sites (traffic and backlinks from presentation sharing sites)
                b. I can give that presentation background music and turn it into a you tube video. (traffic, backlinks from video sharing sites)
                c. I can record my voice reading this answer and convert it into a podcast (traffic, backlinks from podcast sharing sites)
                d. I can turn it into a PDF and upload as a brief ebook into torrent sites (backlinks)
                e. I can use this content as 3 or 4 blog posts (content for my site| keeps people coming back)
                f. I can upload this content into article sharing sites for people outside if this forum to read (traffic, backlinks from article sharing sites)
                g. I can then take the Powerpoint or the video and embed into 3 or 4 squidoo lenses along with this post (traffic, backlinks from squidoo AND they rank very high on search engine results usually)
                h. Then I can take the different versions of the content and engage my social network with it.(drive traffic, improve social standing)
                i. I can also take a few of the tips from this presentation and have about weeks worth of strong updates or microbloggs for my social networks (you must send updates several times per day stay in peoples face without being all up in it)

                MyBusinessMarketing offers content strategy services for small businesses. Well though out powerful content development that will communicate you unique value proposition and a persuasive manner. More information and an interactive presentation:*

                4) The fourth step of a complete online strategy is Website Persuasion Optimization. After doing all of this work yourself to establish yourself as a force online you will want to make sure that the highest percentage possible of visitors are doing what you REALLY want them to do online... make you money. The typical website that is generating a consistent stream of traffic would more than likely be better served by optimizing for increased conversions vs additional traffic. There is a science to the online decision making process, you must take time to understand it and structure your site in a way that all of the appropriate emotional triggers are being set off so a higher percentage of people will buy from you. I have a great blog post that will give you additional info on this.

                This is one of our specialties at MyBusinessMarketing*
                I pointed to my website a lot on this post. There is a lot of information that must be taken into consideration in order to really answer your question. I discovered this early on and we spent a lot of time preparing our content in order to facilitate a smoother transfer of knowledge.

                I hope this post was helpful. In doing what I do I truly feel like I have a purpose. I believe passionately that the small business owner will save this country and its economy, by doing what I do, I feel like I am pitching in to help the people who will help this country. I can sit here a write nearly 3,000 words because I truly believe that what I know needs to be common knowledge. Marketing online is by far the most powerful form of marketing available today. PPC ads are GONE as soon as you stop paying all of the strategies I mentioned above will last for YEARS if you invest a great deal of time or a little bit of money.

                Thank You to all who made it this far, since you did contact me for a proposal and consultation and we will put together a Powerpoint presentation about your business and upload it to all the presentation sharing sites 100% free of charge... even if you pass on the services. (Only good for BOA Small Business Forum Members, you must mention this when you fill ut the contact form on our website)

                Andres Garcia
                Founder/ Managing Member

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                  jimanderson Newbie
                  Hi Guys,

                  Try with Social Networking.

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                    madyson2010 Newbie
                    Just follow this thread:

                    Article Marketing Is Important To Your Online Business

                    Article Marketing and Press Release are the best way so far for Increasing your website ranking,link building and traffic builder.This is the very foundation.

                    Also,follow this thread:

                    What are the best ways to bring traffic to my site?

                    If you need help about article writing and seo,just let me know.
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                      Mailman1 Adventurer
                      Depending on what you are selling or providing, good ole fashioned direct mail can be very effective. It's a terrible way to market small ticket items because of the cost. However, it can be a perfect fit for some online businesses because it will drive traffic directly to you. A combination of a highly targeted mailing list and a strong offer is the key to success. It's not for everyone but direct mail has been around forever and it is still a multi-billion dollar industry.
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                        lilybiz Wayfarer
                        I do not like pay-per-click. For us, pr, article, forum are the best ways so far.

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                          phanio Pioneer
                          As you can see from the discussion here - there are many ways to increase your traffic - some that work for certain business owners and others that work for other business owners.

                          My thoughts are to try different things to hone on what works for you - that you are willing to do everyday - then stick with them. Marketing should be done daily.

                          What helped me increase my traffic and not just the people who come and go - but those that are there to actually find a solution was a site I came across around a year ago -

                          Really help me to solidify what I was doing and focus on what worked and what didn't.

                          Business Money Today
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                            suzeortoman Newbie
                            I don't believe there is "one" best way to increase website traffic. If you have the ability to modify the website, SEO will pay incredible dividends. When people who are looking for you, actually find you thorough an organic search attempt, your traffic increases AND your conversion rate increases which is critical to the success of your business.

                            If you don't have access to the website code, there are a number of ways to increase your website traffic. Take a look at for helpful ways to get more traffic.


                            Hope this helps.

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                              thank you so much for the valuable insight...

                              • What is the best way to increase website traffic?

                                i will tell you shortly that it is good to perform all the SEO activities but the most countable is web directory submissions.

                                • What is the best way to increase website traffic?

                                  I agree with Christene ^^^^.


                                  Another activity you should focus on is link building. If all related topics lead back to your site/blog you are doing a great job.