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    Desperate need for a manufacturer

    ode4tina Wayfarer
      Hello everyone,
      I have been very busy developing my product and not been keeping up here. Anyways, I desperately need a manufacturer for my product, a soft baby carrier set to launch on the 17th of this month. I had been negotiating all this time with a manufacturer representative whom I was very sure to use. I mailed my sample on the 28th and it was attempted to be delivered on the 30th but I guess their office was closed by the time the delivery man got there. My sample at this time is sitting at the local post office waiting to be picked up or else returned back to me the sender. I don't know if this guy is too busy or what to go get the package at the local post office but this is definately not looking good for me. I have signed up for two great events coming to my city where I plan on launching the product. Thank God I have another sample and pattern which I can send overnight to another manufcaturer just in case I get disappointed. Please anyone knows a reliable baby apparel manufaturer let me know asap. Personal conatct as follows-, 770-873-2875. Thanks communnity.
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          Have you tried or
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            vnavguys Tracker
            I just emailed you with my personal sourcing man, he is amazing and very easy to work with.

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              YSWMak Newbie

              I'm a sourcing man in Hong Kong. I'm managing supply chains, Quality assurance, compliance solutions. No matter what your destination. I can support you by reliable and cost efficient solution. From product design and development, through material and factory sourcing, production planning and management, quality assurance and export documentation. Committed to provide competitive price, impeccable quality, reliable, on-time delivery, and high standard of service. Using full advantage of modern technology, a dedicated links collect all key components of supply chain to provide tracking capabilities, centralize the flow of business information and provide more controls of supply chain activities.

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