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    10 Business Website Mistakes

    nuMantis Wayfarer

      *10 Business
      Website Mistakes*

      If you have a website for your company, by now you already know that
      just having it is not enough. The web is a massive popularity contest
      and your site needs to be visible through the rest of the sites out
      there. It is quickly becoming apparent that site design is a
      cornerstone to making a site successful or not. Correct structure and
      use of web services will attain greater results. Here are 10 mistakes
      that companies make when erecting a website for their company.


      1. Inadequate Design and Function: Correct
      design and function are integral to keeping people on your website.
      Content is important but when the user cannot access it, this creates a
      massive problem for the user and ultimately you as a company. Items such
      as navigation should stay constant the pages should conform to WC3
      compliance (this will maintain integrity in all major browsers). Keeping
      your web pages consistent in colour, design and layout is vitally
      important. Also note that keeping your logo and tag lines clearly
      visible at all times will increase brand awareness for the user as well.


      2. Too much Glitz and Glam: Many business' make the
      mistake with adding too much to their sites. Flash is one example of
      something that is perhaps too much. Although flash looks great it may be
      too complex for the average user. Look and feel is important but you do
      not want to slow down the user experience. Flash also takes longer to
      load and it is possible that some users do not have flash installed and
      this would render the flash application completely useless. Flash used
      in small applications is recommended but an entire site would be
      overkill. Flash also causes problems for the marketing of your website
      as well. If you are looking for maximum effect for your marketing
      efforts online steer clear of Flash.


      3. Staying Fresh with Content: Adding new content on
      a regular basis is highly advised. Letting a site sit and do nothing
      and not adding new technologies to make the site better is a common
      mistake. This is not the way sites work anymore. A site now needs to be
      maintained on a regular basis to attain maximum performance and to stay
      in the search engine results at a high level.


      4. Choosing a Domain Name: When choosing a domain
      name be sure to pick one that is appropriate to the business. In many
      cases using multiple domain names that vary from the business name to
      using the business' genre in the domain is something to take into
      account. For instance if you run a Real-Estate company or an Electronics
      Shop you would not want a domain called, that is
      completely inappropriate for the company type. This is a simple example
      to make the point, be careful in choosing a domain, it can affect your
      ranking and where you show up in the search engines.


      5. 404 Errors and Dead Links: Make sure all the
      links and pages on the site work. The users that visit your site will
      more than likely leave if they come to a page that shows "404 Page Not
      Found". Using custom 404 pages that help the user and your webmaster
      know about the page problem is a highly suggested method of finding and
      fixing these issues. Be sure to include a form on the custom 404 pages
      so the user can submit the broken or missing page.


      6. Site Statistics: Using detailed site statistics
      to measure the amount of traffic to your site is vital to leveraging
      more traffic. Many businesses are not even aware that these services
      exist. If you own a business and do not know this, contact your host and
      inquire about this service. The statistics give you vital details such
      as unique visitors per day/month, what terms they are finding you by in
      the search engines, what times of day is your site the busiest and what
      countries people are finding you in. This information gives you
      something you are able to measure. What we like to say is "You cannot
      manage what you can't measure".


      7. Contact Details: Many sites simply do not have a
      way to contact anyone or their contact measures are so poor that it
      turns people away from the site entirely. Your site needs to have a form
      of some sort where people can request information, ask questions or
      file a complaint and suggestions. This form should be reachable from
      every part of the site. Also, an important item to keep in mind is to
      have a speedy response to all inquiries, either by auto response with
      links to FAQ sections on the site or giving a response time. If you do
      not want to do it this way be sure to respond quickly to inquiries.


      8. Your Web Host: Steer clear from FREE or Cheap
      hosting. Often times these hosts have multiple down times per month due
      to having so many clients on one server. Check for a low downtime, that
      they offer features such as statistics, spam protection, anti-virus
      protection on emails and above all quick customer service response. Note
      that problems do arise and that some form of downtime can occur, but
      this should not happen very often. Remember that you get what you pay
      for. This is a great motto to follow when getting web hosting.


      9. Search Engines, Crawlers and Spiders: Spiders or
      sometimes referred to as Crawlers are scripts or robots that scour the
      internet for websites, content, links and traffic. These little "bugs"
      are crucial to search engines; these are responsible for every result
      you find on the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
      In most cases these "creepy crawlies" you want to avoid, but on the web
      you actually want to attract these to your site. You can do this through
      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. There are certain ethics
      and strategies to SEO. Some practices (such as hidden text, redirects,
      etc) will result in you being banned from search engines. These "dark
      side" techniques are called Black Hat. When looking for someone to do
      SEO for your company look for someone who only does White Hat


      10. Doing SEO Yourself: Search Engine Optimization
      (SEO) is complex. In order to make top ranks in your genre you may want
      to hire a professional to do your online marketing and site placements,
      especially if your business relies on the web for the majority of its


      Any business' who would like to maintain a complete web presence and
      have it done correctly may contact us at our offices anytime. nuMantis
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        • Re: 10 Business Website Mistakes
          Numantis-- thanks for sharing!
          I'd add mistake #11-- not asking Numantis for help-- or another consultant.
          A lot of small businesses don't ask for help because they don't have money, don't know who to ask, or believe they can be experts at everything.
            • Re: 10 Business Website Mistakes
              nuMantis Wayfarer
              Thanks for the vote of confidence. We (as a company) do pride ourselves as professionals in web presence management. Getting your web presence right is integral to a site's success. It is very hard to make a splash on the web without a clear vision and drive to make it work. :)

              Thanks for reading!

              Randy Comeau - CEO
              nuMantis Technology Solutions
            • Re: 10 Business Website Mistakes
              Justin_W Wayfarer
              Great info! Get a good site and then take care of it. Feed it content. Good relevant content is extrememly important in getting the search engines to notice and in keeping visitors engaged.
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                  nuMantis Wayfarer
                  Just an fyi to expand on that. Our typical visitor now stays an average of 13 minutes and we have average page views of 7 per user. That is a huge number to some, but all I have to say is keep the content original (don't use someone else's content) and keep it engaging the audience. Witty comments help sometimes too! ;)

                  nuMantis Technology Solutions.