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    When All Else Fails......Try, Try Again

    intechspecial Ranger

      My company, Integrity Technology Specialists is in it's 5 year of existence. Initially my company offered IT consultations & pc repair for home and small business clients.

      Ever evolving to combat a disability, my focus is now web design & development.

      As of last quarter 2009, my company is profitable! I have no officially made more money then I have invested. As great as that may sound, the amount of money is next to nothing.

      The web design & development market is extremely competitive. It is time for my company to get an edge on the competition.

      I am revamping my company once again, this time from an educational standpoint. My previous certifications are focused on network administration, hardware/software break/fix. These do not apply in the realm of software development. I have been completely self taught in web design & development with the exception of understanding the protocols and technologies behind the internet.

      With resources such as MIT OpenCourseWare, Microsoft MSDN available online, it is not that difficult to get to a successful level of accomplishment within web development.

      Unfortunately I have hit a stand still, and although I can offer great inexpensive websites, I am not making the money I need to survive.

      When all else fails, try, try, again. I have been accepted into a Computer Science program from an acredited university.

      I am also permanently disabled. I will continue, I will succeed, failure is not an option. I am permanently disabled thanks to mental illness.

      If I can be successful in spite of my limitations, so can you. Don't let the wait of heavy waters tread you down, keep your head up and your spirits high, as the graceful work horse is sure to finish the race of entrepreneurship.

      Please visit my site if and when you have a chance.

      If a man with a severe disability can continue to persevere, so can you.

      Feedback please.