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    What are the best ways to bring traffic to my site?

    ahabdune29 Newbie

      I started a blog focusing around affiliate marketing and sharing information about tools of the internet. I am still having a problem bringing in big traffic to my site.

      Any ideas?
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          ramyaramani Newbie
          1. Be active in forums - Though you have posted a question, you could have added a signature with the blog link. People would be curious to know what you blog about (atleast initially). I could not see the blog link in your profile too.
          2. Have a Signature with a link to your Blog in every email you
            send out.
          3. Create an account at social pages like MySpace or Facebook and put
            a link to your Blog into your Profile. You can also use software that automatically publishes your latest post details to your friends.
          4. Submit your blog to blog directories -
          5. Submit your RSS feed to feed directories
          6. Use twitter actively to drive traffic
          7. If you have the budget, you can invest in pay per click campaigns
          8. Have a widget to allow users to subscribe to your posts.
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            0nebeloved Newbie
            i second the motion;p!


            i had been around. ever since i laid eyes on the www, i saw the vast unlimited opportunities on it about....
            but come to think of it? i fell in love with internet stupidly! for no unexplainable reason: i felt at home! safe and trusting, believing that all is okay,a sense of trust with openness, my means of freedom,my playground!

            Yes i am! with the sense of growing responsibility, i became a part of many things;testing and probing-
            yet keeping an open mind; with acceptances, resignations andf orgiving such many ways and
            iencountered to my surprises, i got frightened and worried about...

            keeping the story short, in my own understandings, i have risen in the level, together in the growth,
            progress and developments of the web, i felt a certain belongingness in it......suffice to say.profoundly.

            make a search for it. maybe someday, you will encounter the word. but such thoughts that come in
            questions? i know it comes in passing, such thoughts no longer amazes and overwhelms me to pursue
            stupidly.such came in profound learning my opinion, our activities;in re;ation to everything
            we do in the web leads to all noble, unprejudiced and profound. without any motives or intentions, we become......

            and theres the pfun;p! as i cannot deny nor refute all the essential things how internet helps in our
            humanity,yet i still hope and keep the open mind that sooner or later, shall it be ;p?

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              geeths Newbie
              Keep updating your blog regularly.. share it to the communities in the
              social networking sites, bookmark your blogs, add to blog directories,
              concentrate on forums, give option for the users to subscribe to your
              post... hope this might help
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                rbbrown.scent Wayfarer
                All of this is great advice and techniques I use. Just remember two other things:
                1. Have fun with it. On-line marketing can be interesting and by reading these forums and other blogs your constintly learning new things.
                2. Be sincere- Whenever I post comments (like this one) or forums I pick topics I can give sound and sincere advice.
                Good Luck :)
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                  madyson2010 Newbie
                  There are lot of ways on how to increase your traffic:

                  1. Social Bookmarking
                  2. Directory Submission
                  3. RSS Submission
                  4. Video Submisssion
                  5.Web 2.0
                  6. Blog Commenting
                  7. Forum
                  8. Article Marketing
                  9. Press Release
                  10 Google News

                  Hope this helps!
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                    RobClayton Wayfarer
                    Several things:

                    1) Time - it just takes time
                    2) Content
                    3) Key words,
                    4) relevant one-way back links!

                    Business Junkie .org
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                        yoursavings Wayfarer
                        The best way to get traffic to your site is to learn SEO. To join a community of members that share content that you can use to offer relevance to the search engines. You spin articles to make the content unique and you will explode up the pages on the engines. I found a great little company that does this that doesnt charge thousands of dollars that other companies charge. There is also a tremendous viral affiliate oppty attached to it where you can make money just by joining.


                        I hope a lot of you have heard about advanced search on facebook. A great way to find like minded individuals for you fan pages.

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                        mobikas Adventurer
                        Madyson2010 gave you many ideas and different medium that you can use to bring free traffic to your site. Based on my experienced Forums works great, start out by joing few other forums that cater to your niche market and start posting. Anything that is free takes time and is not necessary the best, because time is money.

                        If you have some money for advertising than I would recommend PPC. PPC is instant, you will get traffic right away but you have to know what you're doing in order to run a successful campaing. It's always a good idea to hire PPC expert who can help you setup and manage your campaign if you are not a hands-on person.