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    Critique My website

    jmjdirect Newbie
      I would loike to get some feedback on our current website

      Any feedback would be appreciated.

        • Re: Critique My website
          nuMantis Wayfarer
          It's like 1995 came back in style.

          You need to look to a web 2.0 look. Clean, simple and in proportion to everything else.

          I don't know if you have anyone to help you fix this or not, but if you need help let me know. My company could probably help you out.

          Kind Regards,

          Randy Comeau - CEO
          nuMantis Technology Solutions

          • Re: Critique My website
            hmansfield Newbie
            I have to agree it does look very dated, almost as if built with a site builder or some kind of free service. It's not a good look and I venture to guess that it doesn't do much for you in terms of attracting any interest in your service.

            You need to make a decision...if you are going to do it yourself, nothing worng with that, but you need to learn how to use a publishing platform like Wordpress and use some basic design principles of this decade.

            Further making the point that the site loosk old is the copyright at the bottom from 2008. That usually says to people right away that you are either not in business anymore, or haven't looked at your website for the last 2 years, therefore the contact form and phone number are probably not up to date either.