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      Do one thing and do it better than anyone – Orville \\ Redenbacher

      In the 22 immutable laws of marketing, law #5 is the law of Focus.
      It states the most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the
      prospect’s mind. Narrow the focus to a single word or
      concept. It is always better to focus on one benefit, rather than two or
      three. Examples are FedEx - overnight delivery and +Domino’s
      Pizza+ -home delivery.


      *Companies trying to offer too many services spread themselves
      too thin. They can easily be beaten by companies who specialize
      in just one service.*


      I applied this law to marketing my wife’s property management
      company. We noticed most of the competition were not just property
      managers, but also realtors. By focusing only on property management,
      we gained an advantage over the realtor/property management companies.


      Most of our clients say they chose us because we are not realtors.
      If you are looking for a property manager, why would you hire a realtor?


      The targeted anti-realtor message is on all of the marketing for the
      company. We have branded ourselves as an alternative to the
      realtor/property management companies, and occasionally take a few jabs at the competition.


      Now that the company has grown to a significant size, it is tempting
      to add realtors, mortgage, title or other services to create new revenue
      streams, but this would weaken our message and we would just blend in
      with everyone else.