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    Have you paid attention to Brazil's Economy and its investment opportunities in the last few years?

    emsilva Newbie
      Even Small U.S. Businesses can benefit from International opportunities!

      The U.S. Real Estate downturn, the temporary weak economy and the credit crunch are not good news to anyone right? Actually, this is bad news to most of us, not to all of us. During difficult times smart businesses reinvent themselves and become stronger. This may be the opportunity for you to explore new markets and create a whole new customer base, acquire a broader and more balanced income stream, economies of scale, outsource unwanted (or expensive) projects and focus on your core business.

      Even if you've been doing business Nationwide, you may be missing a couple of billion potential customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

      Risks? Of course there are risks, and lots of them. If you cannot name at least a few, get some help before jumping into it. Read the Economic news about Brazil and drop me a line if you need some help.