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    Setup a startup tech LLC in Delaware but living in Seattle

    thomasjoyce Newbie
      I'm planning to setup a LLC tech company in Delaware but i'm currently living in Seattle WA.
      I will be the only employee for now. ;- )
      I read a lot of articles that i still need to file a Foreign LLC in WA as well.
      But I don't have a physical office at all and my tech business will not be operating in WA at all.
      The tech company will be selling services virtual service online to all the customer in US.

      1) Is it necessary to file a Foreign LLC in WA as well?

      2) If it is, is there a workaround to this?

      3) I heard that since my business bank account for our company is in Seattle WA, it will be considering that i'm operating in WA.
      My thought is that i should open a bank account in Delaware with a Delaware address.
      Will this be legal to do so?

      Thanks again for your help on this issue. I do appreciate any legal advice here ;- )
        • Re: Setup a startup tech LLC in Delaware but living in Seattle
          bm911tax Adventurer
          I wouldn't recommend doing what you want to do. Even though you don't have a registerred location in WA you are working from your home in WA. I strongly suggest to seek some advice from a tax advisor or an accountant. Few $$ spent now will be much cheaper then all the future penalties and fines for not doing it the right/legal way.

          Based on the fact you are presenting here, you are better of forming an LLC in WA (forget about the Delaware nonsence, most people have no idea the reason why once should form an LLCs in Delaware, I will not go into this...) Choose the best way for the LLC to be taxes (C Corp, S Corp, Sole-Propriatorship).

          Good lukc,